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CRM Import Error Reporting

Process for handling import error messages that come to the Support queue 

  • Import error reports show up as email messages in the Support - Inbound queue. The subject line is "[OrgName] Import Job Summary."
  • Members of the data team (Keith, Laura and Susan) will accept ownership of these items from the queue. In a case where none of these team members is available, arrangements will be made for a backup.
  • Unless the error message relates to an issue reported by the client, or unless there is a need to communicate with the client about the error, cases will not be created for each email.
  • The body of the email message contains a link to an import log page that lists each error in the file in spreadsheet layout. Within the spreadsheet is a link to open the XML for that import and an option to resubmit all records in the XML file.
  • The data team member who accepts ownership of the error report will review the error report, XML, and if necessary, the record in the client's CRM database to determine the best course of action. Actions may include re-submitting the entire XML record, re-submitting selected record(s) from the XML, or manual correction of data within CRM. Common errors with recommended support action are listed in a section below.
  • After an error report has been handled, the owner should reassign that email message to the Import Errors queue, leaving themselves as the owner of the item.
  • Handled items will remain in the Import Errors queue for some period of time to help with identification of patterns of error behavior that may need to be addressed. On a regular basis - possibly as part of the weekly support meeting - the team will discuss whether there is a need to keep the items, and if not, the items will be deleted.
  • There is a new import alert to catch fatal import errors that may occur outside the actual processing of the file.  These errors are very rare, but when they do happen entire files may not be imported and the error will not be picked up by the other alerts.  The subject of the email with say “Fatal Import Error” or something close to that.  It runs every 4 hours.  Please let Brian know if you see one of these so I know it looks/works as planned.

Guidelines for resubmitting records 

Care should be taken when deciding whether to re-submit records that have encountered errors during import for the following reasons:

  • If an import record has parameters set to overwrite data in matched records, and if any time has elapsed between the import and the handling of the error, there is a risk of overwriting data in the CRM record that may have been edited by a client staff member since the import.
  • The XML in the error report may contain up to 100 records -- all of the records in the import "chunk" that contained the record(s) with the error condition. If the import is set to overwrite, even if the affected records have not been modified since the import, there is a chance that other records in the file may have been modified and should not be overwritten.

It is safe to use the "Re-submit this message to the queue" button found on the XML report page:

  • If the data is inquiry-level and if the PersonImport parameter = 1 or 2, the OpportunityImport parameter = 1, 2, or 5, and the PersonOrgImport = 1 or 2
  • If the import occurs during an off-hour (late at night or on the weekend) when client staff members are not likely to be working and is handled soon after the error occurs

In some cases where it is not safe to re-submit an entire XML file, it may be advisable to resubmit just the portion of the XML file containing the affected record(s). A partial re-submit can be prepared manually as follows:

  • Copy and paste the header information from the XML into Notepad.
  • Copy and paste the XML record(s) to be resubmitted, beginning and ending with the <PersonOpportunity> tag.
  • Copy and paste or manually type the closing tag </Continuum422> at the end of the file. Save the file using the following naming convention: Standard_[OrgName]_Resubmit_[tag (optional)]_[datetime (optional)].xml.
  • If the import parameters in the header use any of the "overwrite" options, you may need to review the record in CRM to see if any changes have been made to the file since the original import.
  • Copy or move the xml file into the DataImports folder on the 422Biz001 server at: C:\ClientDataServices\DataImports. The file will be automatically moved out of that folder and placed into the import queue.

NOTE: Depending on the data error that occurred, you may need to change the parameters in the XML file to non-overwriting settings, or you may need to make manually corrections to the record in CRM. Each case will need to be evaluated to determine the best course of action.

Common error messages and recommended support action

CreateEntity failed: Generic SQL error. 

This type of error seems to occur randomly and is sometimes unrelated to any data conditions in the file. It may occur on any entity involved in the record. In most cases, you can resubmit the entire XML file or a partial XML file without detailed evaluation, depending on whether it meets the criteria in the Guidelines for re-submitting records. If further troubleshooting is necessary:

  1. Check the Target table column for the entity to which the error refers  (e.g. Opportunity).
  2. Check for the record in the client database. If it is a new record, it will be missing the record type referenced in the target table.
  3. Resubmit the full or partial XML if it meets the guidelines. Check to see whether the missing record was created.
  4. If the record is not a good candidate for resubmission or if there is any other reason for concern, you may need to do manual comparison of the import XML to the values in the CRM record and make manual edits to the record as necessary. In one case, SSS found that because of bad data in the email field, when converted to .xml, the ending data tag was missing, and the record's import failed.

Specific examples of error messages that have occurred 


Entity: Task 
Message: CreateEntity failed: An error occurred in the ActivityCreateUpdateHandler plug-in. Argument 'Index' is not a valid value. 
Behavior: Activity record is created as Open, not Completed. 
Recommended support action: Manually complete activity.

Entity: Task 
Message: CreateEntity failed: An error occurred in the ActivityCreateUpdateHandler plug-in. Error retrieving activity values. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 
Behavior: Activity record is created as Open, not Completed. 
Recommended support action: Manually complete activity.      

Entity: Opportunity, a422_personorg 
Message: An error occurred in the PersonOrgUpdateHandler plug-in. Error creating Transcript Received activity -- Could not complete requirement because -- Server was unable to process request. 
Behavior: The import record did not contain information that would have caused a transcript activity to need to be posted. It did contain an official test score, which should have generated an official test score activity, but did not. 
Recommended support action: Create a 'dummy' official score record on the person's record in CRM, which should cause automatic posting to occur. Delete the dummy score.

Entity: opportunity 
Message: An error occurred in the OpportunityCreateUpdateHandler plug-in. Server was unable to process request. in UpdateMissingItems. 
Behavior: Activity was not posted. 
Recommended support action: Resubmit. Check to see that activity record is created.


Entity: a422_PersonScore 
Message: CreateEntity failed: An error occurred in the Score Create Handler plug-in. Argument 'Index' is not a valid value. 
Behavior: Parent SAT score created (unofficial source); subscores not created. 
Recommended support action: Re-submit record; check to be sure that subscores are created.

Entity: contact
Message: The operation was not performed due to data type mismatch. 
Behavior: Person record is not created. 
Recommended support action: In most or maybe all cases, this error  is due to an incorrectly formatted Birthday value. Copy XML record, along with headers, and all necessary opening/closing tags to a new text file, edit the birthday value to be correctly formatted (or delete it, if it cannot be determined to be a valid date), save the file as XML, then manually copy the file to the "DataImports" directory on the Biz server.