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CRM 2011 Transition Status

Monday January 23rd, 2012
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CRM Environment
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All 26 conversions have been completed. 

Customer Environment
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The major issues with Enrollment Manager software that appeared during the conversion were:

  • The activity posting process required redesign to function properly
  • The Gateway needed to be reconfigured to function properly with 2011 environments
  • The requirements grid needed to be redesigned to function properly with 2011 environments
  • Non-standard reports created thru the Report Wizard did not function.
  • First activities did not post
  • Data quality tools such as address verification and capitalization needed to be redesigned to function properly with 2011 environments
  • Analytics saved views disappeared post conversion. Attempts to recreate them resulted in cloned views appearing in multiple tabs
  • Workflow conversions required a great deal of manual effort to configure for 2011
  • Various issues applying the EM solution uniformly. Form and process errors would appear in some environments that carried the same solution as other functional environments, etc.

Major customer reported issues revolved around perfomance. There were multiple problems but the main cause was substandard performance of the SAN configuration at the data center. 

We have prepared a document that will assist clients with understanding the key changes in Enrollment Manager 2011over Version 4. The document compares the key functions and demonstrates side-by-side the processing and visual differences. 

wiki page with some convenient links to 2011 documentation has been posted for client use.

Security Roles
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The configuration of security roles has changed in 2011. We have moved to a new model where each user has a base global permission set, and then individual users are granted access to non-global functions (Event Management, Travel Management, the Admin tab, etc.) by adding specific permission sets for those functions.

More documentation on the roles and their meanings is located here

Process Environment
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The transition process will proceed through the following phases:

  • Pre-conversion Checklist - This checklist will be executed to ensure all required preparations are made before conversion.
  • Environment Conversion - This phase takes the existing v4 environment and converts it to CRM 2011, copying and converting existing customer data into the new database design, and bringing over the basic Enrollment Manager entities and attributes.
  • Customization and Solutions - This phase brings the new environment to release state, moving over Admissions Lab customizations and applying our solutions to the basic environment.
  • Workflow Conversion - This phase takes existing client workflow rules extracted from backup, converts them and imports them into the new 2011 environment.
  • Post-conversion Checklist - This checklist will be executed as a first-look SQA effort and to ensure the environment is properly configured for the full-scale SQA effort to follow.
  • Quality Assurance - This phase checks the newly-built environment to ensure all of the elements required for the customer to open business with the new system are present and effective.
  • Configuration and Release Management - This phase puts the finishing touches on the environment and releases it to the customer.

Conversion Task Checklist - this contains tasks to be completed before and after the CRM conversion and application of the Enrollment Manager solution.

Project Environment
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The most current information on conversion dates is here.


Outstanding Issues
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Current focus
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  • Application of solution build to 2011 environments
  • Issues with plugin functions updating Opportunity requirements and other entities
  • Workflow conversions
  • Integration of Event Manger

There have been tracking cases created for each environment as it is converted. All will begin with "CRM 2011: Conversion -" 

Current testing topics are here. Any additional suggestions on testing tasks are encouraged.

Specific plugin tests and their statuses are documented here.


Parking Lot
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Background issues supplementing the SQA effort

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