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Comcast Bounces

Occasionally we'll hear from clients that Comcast has blocked (bounced) messages. If it appears that they've bounced all of the messages from a particular mailing, we can request that the block be lifted. While we can do this through ExactTarget, my experience is that it's faster to do it ourselves. Here's what to do...

1) Send a message to the client letting them know about the situation. Something like this should work:

This issue is due to a block placed on mail from your account by Comcast. We have requested that Comcast lift the block on your account. They will periodically block messages that feel are not compliant with CAN-SPAM requirements. To make sure you’re compliant, you can reference our article on ‘Improving Your Deliverability Rate’ in the User Guide. You can also review the Campaigns 301: Deliverability Training Session available in our self-paced training.

User Guide:

Self-Paced Training:

As soon as we hear back from Comcast we’ll notify you that it’s safe to resend to these addresses. It can take 1-2 days to get resolution from them, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

2) Go the following page to request that the block be lifted:  Put your own information into the form but use the following values:

Domain of Blocked IP:

I am the: Email Administrator

Blocked IP Address: Get this from the Client List in Sharepoint. There's a column there for Campaigns IP Address.

I have done the following: I have not made any changes

Issue Description: This domain is used for college/university communications to constituents. It is never used for unsolicited communication. All email communication is compliant with CAN-SPAM requirements.

3) You should recieve a message back from Comcast letting you know that the either the block has been lifted, or that there is no current block in place. At that point, the user can resend the message to the Comcast addresses. To identify those addresses, it is easiest to export the Bounced list from the Tracking Results. Another option is to create a new list based on the original list used. To do this, open the original list, click 'Search', and then select Search Where: Email Address Is Equal to: This will give you all Comcast Subscribers and you can then copy this list to the new one.