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2015 Upgrade FAQs

Understanding the Upgrade

Q. What is this upgrade and why is it necessary?

A. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the underlying platform for Enrollment Manager (EMP). To keep up with latest technologies, it is important to remain current with the underlying platform.

Q. Why the timing of this upgrade? 

A. While there is no perfect time to upgrade, RNL recognizes that the admissions calendar is most conducive to software upgrades during the summer – typically a time when many admissions offices have lighter activity.

Q. Can my institution elect NOT to upgrade?

A. It is in the best interest of RNL clients to upgrade to the most current version of the Microsoft supported platform.  All RNL clients will be upgraded to the current platform by the Fall of 2015.

Q. Will my current data be accessible in the new version?

A. Yes. All of your current data will be accessible in the new version.

Timelines and Preparation

Q. When will upgrades actually occur?

A. Upgrades will begin in June and complete by the end of August. You will receive communication about the upgrade date for your institution from your Enrollment Operations Manager (EOM). Upgrades for full EMP clients will likely take place in July and August.

Q. How long will the upgrade take?

A. Your EOM will provide you with a specific timeframe closer to your upgrade window. The upgrade requires several hours of downtime when the system will not be accessible to your users. Upgrades for full EMP clients will take place outside standard business hours.

Q. When can I see a preview of the new version?

Stay tuned for summer Webinars (live and recorded) that will give you and your staff the opportunity to see the new interface and understand the navigation changes. 


Q. Will the URL where I log in to Enrollment Manager Change?

A. The web address you use to access Enrollment Manager will not change.

Q. I have a shortcut to Enrollment Manager in my browser and on my desktop. Will those still work after the upgrade?

A. Since the web address you use to access Enrollment Manager will not change, your shortcuts will still work.

Q. Will I need to clear my Internet Explorer cache before logging in to Enrollment Manager 2015?

A. It is recommended to do so. Information on clearing your IE cache is in our Knowledge Base. Please note that by doing so, you may be required to fully enter your username and password to log in, as these may be deleted from the cache.

Q. What should I do before the upgrade to ensure I can log in successfully?

To prevent issues logging in after upgrading to Enrollment Manager 2015 please add https://* to your Trusted Sites. Here are the steps for doing this:

1.     In Internet Explorer, go to the tools icon and select "Internet Options"

2.     On the Security tab, click on the Trusted Sites icon and click the "Sites" button

3.     Add https://* in the "Add this website to the zone" box and click the "Add" button

Q. Some staff members use the Outlook client to access Enrollment Manager. Can they continue to do so?

A. Yes. There is an updated Outlook client that you should install after your upgrade is complete.

Q. Will all of our users automatically get licenses for Enrollment Manager 2015?

A. Yes. There are no changes to user access due to the upgrade.

Q. Are there changes to OS or browser compatibility with the upgrade?  

A. There are no changes to OS or browser compatibility

Features and Functionality

Q. What changes can I expect?

A. The upgrade will change the “look-and-feel” of the software and the navigation. The core functionality of the application will not change. The new interface will provide summary views of core records (such as Person and Opportunity) and related data, requiring fewer ‘clicks’ to see the information you need. Enhanced functions allow for searching across multiple entities or within a specific entity. Other interface changes will be covered in webinars and training in advance of your upgrade.

Q. What are some key features and benefits from this upgrade?

A. Here are a few things to expect:

  • Decreased numbers of windows or browsers opening when navigating between entities and related records
  • Export to Excel increase from 10K records to 100K records
  • Streamlined menu groupings; less redundacy in navigation to key areas
  • Summary views of key data elements for specific entities and related records
  • Multi- or Single-entity search options
  • Auto-save functionality
  • Additional options for "Older than" Operator in Advanced Find

Q. Can I continue to use Direct Email in Enrollment Manager 2015?

A. Yes, Direct Email will still work as before. This requires use of the Microsoft Outlook Client for 2015.

Q. We have installed Web Intelligence tracking on some of our institutional web pages. Will that still work?

A. There are no changes to Web Intelligence tracking.

Q. Will my data entry forms or web forms change? Are there changes to the urls?

A.There are no changes to the data entry forms, other web forms or to the Student Gateway because of the upgrade to Enrollment Manager 2015.

Q. Will I have the same data fields available in Enrollment Manager 2011?

A. Enrollment Manager 2015 allows you to track the same data elements as before - including enrollment information, bio-demographic data, activities, interests, relationships, scores and more.

Q. Can I import data the way I currently do?

A. Yes, you can upload data files just as you do now. There are no changes to the Standard Import layout or any of the other Ruffalo Noel Levitz supported layouts due to the upgrade. Additional detail on the Standard Import functionality is available in the Knowledge Base here.

Q. We use our Standard Export to update other campus systems. Will our Standard Export change?

A. There are no changes to the existing Standard Export format or process.

Q. What about my email volume limits? Will anything change?

A. Your existing remaining volume will be carried over to Enrollment Manager 2015.

Q. What about Event Management? Will I need to make any changes to my Events or Calendar URL?

A. There are no changes to Event Management functionality. The URLs for the Event Calendar(s) and Event Check-In App will remain the same.

Q. Will I need to update my Travel Management Events or to the Calendar? 

A. There are no changes to Travel Management functionality or to the Travel Calendar. 


Q. Will our users have to be re-trained to use Enrollment Manager 2015?

A. It is recommended that all users spend time to familiarize themselves with the new interface and how to execute their daily work within EMP. RNL resources may be helpful in providing general guidance on how to do more common things within the system, but operational managers will need to match these with their internal best practices.

Q. Where can I find resources to help my staff with this transition?

A. We are in the process of updating the Knowledge Base so that specific "how-to" steps match the navigation in version 2015. We are also re-recording some basic training snippets to reflect the new interface. Be sure to check out the Upgrade Webinars area to sign up for a live webinar or to watch a recorded version.