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2015 Upgrade


Important Announcement:

ALL current Enrollment Manager clients

will upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 2015 platform this summer.


What is this upgrade and why is it necessary?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the underlying platform for Enrollment Manager (EMP). To keep up with latest technologies, it is important to remain current with the underlying platform.

What changes can I expect?  

The upgrade will change the “look-and-feel” of the software and the navigation. The core functionality of the application will not change. The new interface will provide summary views of core records (such as Person and Opportunity) and related data, requiring fewer ‘clicks’ to see the information you need. Enhanced functions allow for searching across multiple entities or within a specific entity. Other interface changes will be covered in Webinars and training in advance of your upgrade.

When can I see a preview of the new version?

Stay tuned for summer Webinars (live and recorded) that will give you and your staff the opportunity to see the new interface and understand the navigation changes.

When will upgrades actually occur?

Upgrades will begin in June and complete by the end of August. You will receive communication about the upgrade date for your institution from your Enrollment Operations Manager (EOM). Upgrades for full EMP clients will likely take place in July and August.

Why the timing of this upgrade?

While there is no perfect time to upgrade, RNL recognizes that the admissions calendar is most conducive to software upgrades during the summer – typically a time when many admissions offices have lighter activity.

How long will the upgrade take?

Your EOM will provide you with a specific timeframe closer to your upgrade window. The upgrade requires several hours of downtime when the system will not be accessible to your users. Upgrades for full EMP clients will take place outside standard business hours.

For more information on the upgrades – including general upgrade information, Webinars and FAQs --  check the 2015 EMP Upgrade page in the Knowledge Base. Be sure to check back frequently as new information is posted.