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Web Application Lifecycle

This article describes the various stages of the application from the point where the student initially creates an account through to the point of submission. During this lifecyle, some automated communication takes place with both the student and the admissions staff.

Starting an application

1) When a student starts an application, they will provide their name, phone number, email address, Entry Term and Student Type (Opportunity Type), username and password. This process will trigger an email to the student with the following information:

Subject: Thank you for starting your application

Thank you for starting your application. If you need to complete your application at a 
later date, you can do so by using the following credentials:

Username: [FORMDATA_QC1000]
Password: [FORMDATA_QC1001]
2) Upon starting an application, data is fed to Enrollment Manager to indicate a started application. This includes the data collected at the account creation step along with some hidden fields that assist with the data import. The following fields are included in this data submission:
Visible Fields on Account Creation: Username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Student Type, Entry Term
Hidden Fields and Default Values:
Started_PersonMatchMethod: 1
Started_PersonImport: 3
Started_OpportunityMatchMethod: 1
Started_OpportunityImport: 1
Started_OpportunityStatus: Inquiry
Started_Activity_05_Description: Online Application Started: Admissions Lab Online Application
Started_Activity_05_Value: Application Started
Started_Activity_05_Date: Start Date
ID_01_Type: Form Reference ID
ID_01_Value: value determined at creation

Returning to an application

A student can leave the application at any time and return to the login page. If they forget their password, they can select the password reminder option on the login page. This will initiate an email message as follows:
Subject: [APPLICATION_NAME] Login Information Request
Thank you for your request. Please use the credentials below to access your application:
Username: [FORMDATA_QC1000]
Password: [FORMDATA_QC1001]

Submitting an application

Upon submitting an application, data is fed to Enrollment Manager to indicate a submitted application. This includes the data collected throughout the application form as well as hidden fields that assist with the data import. All data submitted is documented here. In addition, the following email messages are generated:

Email to Student:

Subject: [Application Name] confirmation

Thank you for submitting your application.

Email to Administrator (address you select):

Subject: [APPLICATION_NAME] Submitted: [First Name] [Last Name]

An application has been submitted for: [First Name] [Last Name]
[Content of application]

Emails can be updated with the content you select. 

Checking the status of an application

Once a student has submitted their application, you can direct them to the Student Gateway where they can check to see which items are still missing from their application. Details on the Student Gateway are found here.