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Admission Response Form

The Admission Response form allows you to collect a deposit for students interested in enrolling, or find out their intentions if they decide not to enroll. The form can update Enrollment Manager automatically with the new status of Deposit or Withdrawn. In addition, the form can be pre-filled using a link from Bulk Email and a summary of data submitted can be emailed to a standard address for review. See a sample here.

Note: This form is optional and incurs extra fees for usage. Please contact your Enrollment Operations Manager or Admissions Lab Support for details.

To have this form deployed for your organization, provide your Enrollment Operations Manager with the following information:

  • Opportunity Status values for new Deposits or Withdrawals. For instance, if an admitted student decides not to enroll, you may have an Opportunity Status of Admit: Withdrawn.
  • Standard Email Address. This is the address where form results will be sent automatically.
  • Domain Values for Entry Term and Opportunity Type.
  • Deposit amount. If you want to collect a deposit, indicate the amount to be charged.