List View Columns

When using the Forms List view, you'll see the following columns in the grid:

Form (number) This is a sequence number assigned to each form in the list. The first (most recently form submitted) form is number 001, and each page contains 25 forms. A user can click on a form number to display an individual student record.

View  Select this icon to view the data submitted by the applicant. This view will include all data entered for the form thus far.

Edit Select this icon to view the data from within your online form. This will provide a view of the data identical to the applicant. Also select this view if you wish to print the application information for one record. In addition, batch printing is available through the Data Export.  

Record Status The user can review applications one at a time in this view, and may decide that one or more forms need no further review (i.e., the candidate will not be accepted). In this case, the user can select “Record Inactive” from the list, and click the Update Records button to change the Record Status. This can also be done as a way to archive records no longer needed for daily use without deleting them from the system.

An inactive record will, by default, be hidden from the forms list view. In order to see inactive and active records in the same list, the user must check the box labeled “Show Inactive Records”.

Application Status An application is either Started, In-progress or Completed (submitted).

Enrollment Manager Download Status/Flatfile Download Status/ Print These three columns indicate whether the form had been downloaded or printed.

Date Submitted For a completed record, this is the date on which the application was submitted. For in-progress applications, this is the date the application was last updated.

Applicant Last Name Last name of the applicant.

Applicant First Name First name of the applicant.  

Applicant Email Address Email address of the applicant.  

Applicant ID This is a unique ID number assigned to a record.

Payment Status This field indicates whether or not a student clicked the Payment Voucher link after submitting their application. Other statuses include:

Payment not selected – User did not click the Select Payment Option button

Payment Page Invoked – User clicked the Select Payment Option button

Payment Receipt Printed – User clicked the link “click here to view a printable receipt” to access the payment voucher from the payment page.

Referrer If the user did not type a URL directly into their browser window, this is web site that contained the link the user clicked to begin their application. This provides valuable marketing data, particularly if you're application has been linked from other sites, aggregators, or search engines.

Refresh List (button) Re-display the forms list to reflect changes to active/inactive records and whether or not they should be shown, and also to display any records that were submitted since the list was last refreshed. Scrolling from page to page will also refresh that page.