Application Data Fed to Enrollment Manager

The chart below details the data collected as part of the Standard Online Application. This chart includes a column indicating whether the collected data is fed to Enrollment Manager and, if so, in which field the data will appear. Data that is not fed to Enrollment Manager is still visible through Forms Data Manager where the data can be exported, printed or viewed.


Field NameField LabelField TypeDefault ValueMaps to CRM
Application PeriodApplication PeriodDrop Down DecisionPlan
Applicant Applying StatusAre you applying as aRadial OpportunityType
Beginning termFor the term beginningDrop Down EntryTerm
CampusCampusDrop Down Campus
Enrollment StatusEnrollment statusDrop DownFull TimeEnrollmentStatus
Housing TypeHousing PreferenceDrop DownOn CampusHousing
Academic MajorMajorDrop Down AcademicMajor
Second MajorSecond MajorDrop Down SecondAcademicArea
Pre-ProfessionalPre-Professional InterestDrop Down PreProfessional
Financial aid yes noWill you be applying for financial aid?Radial FinancialAidInterest
Applicant PrefixName PrefixDrop Down  
Applicant First NameLegal First NameText Box FirstName
Applicant Middle NameLegal middle nameText Box MiddleName
Applicant Last NameLegal last nameText Box LastName
Applicant SuffixSuffix(Jr., Sr., Ph.D., etc.)Text Box NameSuffix
Applicant GenderGenderDrop Down Gender
Applicant NicknameNickname/prefer to be calledText Box Nickname
Applicant Former NameFormer last name(s) if anyText Box PriorLastName
Applicant Marital StatusMarital StatusDrop DownSingleMaritalStatus
Applicant Permanent Address Street 1Number and street line 1Text Box Address_01_Street1
Applicant Permanent Address Street 2Number and street line 2Text Box Address_01_Street2
Applicant Permanent Address CityCityText Box Address_01_City
Applicant Permanent Address StateStateDrop Down Address_01_StateProvince
Applicant Permanent Address CountryCountryDrop Down Address_01_CountryRegion
Applicant Permanent Address ZipCodeZip codeText Box Address_01_PostalCode
Applicant Permanent Address CountyCountyText Box Address_01_County
Applicant Mailing Address Street 1Number and street line 1Text Box Address_02_Street1
Applicant Mailing Address Street 2Number and street line 2Text Box Address_02_Street2
Applicant Mailing Address CityCityText Box Address_02_City
Applicant Mailing Address StateStateDrop Down Address_02_StateProvince
Applicant Mailing Address CountryCountryDrop Down Address_02_Country_Region
Applicant Mailing Address ZipCodeZip codeText Box Address_02_PostalCode
Applicant Home PhoneHome phoneText Box HomePhone
Mobile PhoneMobile PhoneText Box MobilePhone
Applicant Email AddressE-mail addressText Box Email
Applicant Preferred Contact MethodPreferred Contact MethodDrop Down PreferredContact Method
Applicant Birth DateBirthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)Calendar Birthday
Applicant CitizenshipCitizenshipRadial Citizenship
Applicant's visa typeVisa typeDrop Down VisaType
Applicant State of ResidencyState ResidencyDrop Down StateOfResidency
VeteranAre you a US Veteran?Yes/No 


Convicted FelonyHave you ever been convicted of a felony?Yes/No FelonyYesNo
How Did You HearHow did you first hear about us?Drop Down 


Religious PreferenceReligious PreferenceDrop Down ReligiousPreference
Hispanic/LatinoAre you Hispanic?Yes/No HispanicYesNo
American Indian or Alaska NativeAmerican Indian or Alaska NativeCheck Box Race_02_Value
AsianAsianCheck Box Race_03_Value
Black or African AmericanBlack or African AmericanCheck Box Race_01_Value
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific IslanderNative Hawaiian or other Pacific IslanderCheck Box Race_06_Value
Two or more racesTwo or more racesCheck Box Race_04_Value
WhiteWhiteCheck Box Race_05_Value
InterestsPlease list up to four interests that you will be interested in pursuing in college:   
Interest Option 1Multiple ChoicesDrop Down 


Interest Option 2Multiple ChoicesDrop Down Interest_02_Value
Interest Optional 3Multiple ChoicesDrop Down Interest_03_Value
Interest Optional 4Multiple ChoicesDrop Down Interest_04_Value
LegacyClosest relative that is graduate of our college:Drop Down Legacy
Applicant mother last nameMother Last/Family NameText Box Relationship_01_LastName
Applicant mother first nameMother First NameText Box Relationship_01_FirstName
Applicant mother middle nameMother Middle NameText Box Relationship_01_MiddleName
Applicant mother prior last namePrior Last NameText Box Relationship_01_PriorLastName
Applicant mother liveIs she deceased?Radial  
Marital StatusMarital StatusCheck box 


Same address as applicant Use applicant addressYes/No  
Applicant mother address streetNumber and streetText Box Relationship_01_Street1
Applicant mother address cityCity:Text Box Relationship_01_City
Applicant mother address stateState:Drop Down Relationship_01_StateProvince
Applicant mother-address zipcodeZip code:Text Box Relationship_01_PostalCode
Applicant mother address countryCountryDrop Down Relationship_01_CountryRegion
Applicant mother phonePhone:Text Box Relationship_01_HomePhone
Applicant mother emailEmail:Text Box Relationship_01_Email
Applicant mother business phoneBusiness phoneText Box Relationship_01_BusinessPhone
Applicant father last nameFather Last/Family NameText Box Relationship_02_LastName
Applicant father first nameFather First NameText Box Relationship_02_FirstName
Applicant father middle nameFather Middle NameText Box Relationship_02_MiddleName
Applicant father liveIs he deceased?Radial  
Applicant father marital statusMarital StatusDrop Down 


Address same as applicantUse applicant addressYes/No  
Applicant father address streetNumber and streetText Box Relationship_02_Street1
Applicant father address cityCityText Box Relationship_02_City
Applicant father address stateStateDrop Down Relationship_02_State_Province
Applicant father address zipcodeZip codeText Box Relationship_02_PostalCode
Applicant father address countryCountryDrop Down Relationship_02_CountryRegion
Applicant father phonePhoneText Box Relationship_02_Home_Phone
Applicant father emailEmailText Box Relationship_02_Email
Applicant father business phoneBusiness PhoneText Box 


Present high schoolHigh school or College you now attend (or from which you graduated)Text Box  
School codeSchool CodeText Box Organization_01_Code
School date of entryDate of entry (mm/dd/yyyy)Calendar  
School cityCityText Box  
School stateStateDrop Down  
School countryCountryDrop Down  
Date secondary graduationDate of graduation or last attended (mm/yyyy)Calendar Organization_01_LastAttendedDate
Sec. school1 nameName of schoolText Box  
Sec. school1 codeSchool CodeText Box  
Sec. school1 cityCityText Box  
Sec. school1 stateStateDrop Down  
Sec. school1 last attendedDate Last Attended (mm/dd/yyyy)Calendar  
Application Fee PaymentSubmit paymentNew form  
Hidden Fields    
Field NameField LabelField TypeDefault ValueMaps to CRM
C422OpportunityIDn/aHidden C422OpportunityID
C422PersonIDn/aHidden C422PersonID
PersonMatchMethodn/aHidden PersonMatchMethod
PersonImportn/aHidden PersonImport
OpportunityMatchMethodn/aHidden OpportunityMatchMethod
OpportunityImportn/aHidden OpportunityImport
PersonOrgImportn/aHidden PersonOrgImport
OrgNamen/aHidden OrgName
Departmentn/aHidden Department
OpportunityStatusn/aHidden OpportunityStatus
Relationship_01_Role2n/aHidden Relationship_01_Role
Relationship_02_Role2n/aHidden Relationship_02_Role
Activity_01_Descriptionn/aHiddenOnline Application received: Admissions Lab Application FormActivity_01_Description
Activity_01_Valuen/aHiddenApplication receivedActivity_01_Value
Activity_01_Daten/aHiddenApplication DateActivity_01_Date
Activity_02_Descriptionn/aHiddenOnline Application Fee received: Admissions Lab Application FormActivity_02_Description
Application Fee Paidn/aHiddenYes 
Application Fee Order Numbern/aHidden  
Application Fee Statusn/aHidden