Troubleshooting Enrollment Manager performance is a multi step process due to the several factors that can influence it.

  • Internet Explorer Settings
  • Individual Client Machine
  • Client Network Environment
  • Routing between client network and Admissions Lab
  • Admissions Lab Environment/Infrastructure

Unless you are completely unable to connect to Enrollment Manager, we recommend you work through each of these steps to troubleshoot Enrollment Manager performance.

  1. First check to see if the same performance is occurring on other workstations.  If everyone on your campus network is experiencing the same performance issues, then if possible, check performance outside the campus network (off campus, different campus, etc.)  If performance is the same for everyone, on and off campus, then contact Admissions Lab Support for further assistance.  Please include any error messages, screenshots and/or instructions to recreating the performance you are seeing.
  2. If performance problems appear to be occurring ONLY for those folks in your office, and everyone is experiencing the same issues, then contact your campus network support staff.
  3. If performance problems appear to isolated to a single workstation, then check the following:
    1. Number of open applications on your machine.  If you have several applications open and active, then this could affect performance.  Try closing all applications except  Enrollment Manager and see if performance improves. 
    2. Internet Explorer Settings.  IE has many available add-ons and settings that can potentially interfere with performance of  Enrollment Manager.  The first thing to try is clearing out your cache.  Go to Tools/Internet Options.  On the General tab, select "Delete" under Browsing History.  Select Temporary Internet Files and then select Delete. 
    3. If performance still does not improve, then once again go to Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options.  This time select the Advanced Tab and select the button "Reset" under Reset Internet Explorer settings. 
    4. If you see general problems on your desktop, such as cursors jumping around or the web page turning white, these are indications that your workstation is running low on memory. Frequently a reboot of the workstation will improve this but you may require additional memory to avoid the problem.

If after performing these steps and performance still does not improve (and is still isolated to a single workstation), then you will need to have someone from campus support check your client machine. 

Additional details on performance and troubleshooting are available in a recorded webinar available here

For additional questions, please contact Admissions Lab Support Services at