General Browser Issues

Level 1

From time to time you might see strange behavior in your browser, such as incomplete windows displaying, unexpected browser errors, etc. If you're seeing an issue for the first time, it is often resolved by restarting your browser or rebooting your computer. 

Level 2

If you're using a new computer, you may experience issues that can be easily resolved by adding Enrollment Manager to your 'Trusted Sites' within Internet Explorer. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to Tools/Internet Options
  2. Click on the Security Tab
  3. Select Trusted Sites and click the Sites button
  4. Type https://* and click the Add button
  5. Close and restart your browser.

Level 3

If you continue to have problems, we recommend you work through each of following steps to troubleshoot issues:

  1. First check to see if the same issue is occurring on other workstations.  If everyone on your campus network is experiencing the same issues, then if possible, check performance outside the campus network (off campus, different campus, etc.)  If the issue is the same for everyone, on and off campus, then contact Admissions Lab Support for further assistance.  Please include any error messages, screenshots and/or instructions to recreating the performance you are seeing.
  2. If the issue appears to be occurring ONLY for those in your office, and everyone is experiencing the same issue, then contact your campus network support staff to see if there are potential issues with the firewalls, routing or bandwidth availability.
  3. If performance problems appear to isolated to a single workstation, then check the following:
  • Try opening Enrollment Manager in Internet Explorer InPrivate Mode. InPrivate mode disables any add-ons or plugins you may have installed for Internet Explorer. Open a new window by clicking Ctr + Shift + P. If the problems go away in InPrivate mode, check your add-ons and disable them to find which one is causing the issue. The add-on's menu can be opened by going to Settings -- > Manage add-ons  
  • Close open applications on your machine.  If you have several applications open and active, then this could affect browser performance. Try closing all other applications and browser tabs to see if performance improves. 
  • Close Browser Toolbars. Your browser has many available add-ons and settings that can potentially interfere with performance. If you use browser toolbars from Yahoo, Google, etc., turn them off.
  • Browser Cache. Try clearing out your cached items. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options.  On the General tab, select "Delete" under Browsing History.  Select Temporary Internet Files and then select Delete. Close down your browser, reboot your system, and then try again.
  • Flush DNS. This is a procedure that will remove old IP Address references from your machine to assure that the URL you go to is pointing to the right place. You'll find a document attached below outlining the steps to Flush DNS.
  • Reset Browser Settings. If the issue persists, then once again go to Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options.  This time select the Advanced Tab and select the button "Reset" under Reset Internet Explorer settings. 

Pop-up Blocker Specific Issues

To prevent or troubleshoot issues related to browser pop-up blockers, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to Tools/Internet Options.
  2. Click on the Privacy Tab
  3. Select settings next to Pop-up Blocker 
  4. In the settings window, type https://* and click add. Repeat for https://*
If after performing these steps and performance still does not improve (and is still isolated to a single workstation), then you will need to have someone from campus IT support check your client machine.

Minimum Screen Resolution

You may receive a message stating "Microsoft Dynamics CRM requires a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600. Please increase the resolution of your display". If you are certain your resolution is already greater than 800 x 600, it may be due to the Zoom View used in Internet Explorer. To make sure, launch a new browser window. Check the lower right corner to make sure your 'zoom level' is set to 100%.

NOTE: Additional details on performance and troubleshooting are available in a recorded webinar available here

Feb 16, 2012, 7:12 AM
Feb 16, 2012, 7:12 AM