Browser Warnings

Secure Content

You may see browser warnings from time to time regarding 'secure content'. This is caused when some content on your page (like application data) is being displayed from an encrypted source, but other data (like an image file) is being displayed from an unencrypted source. If you're using a trusted application like Enrollment Manager, this warning is simply an annoyance. Here's how to get rid of the warning.

In your browser, go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Security Tab. Here select the proper zone under which your custom pages or the “HTTP” pages came. In most cases this is the Internet zone. When you have the proper zone selected, click the ‘Custom Level’ button.

Now go to Miscellaneous –> Display Mixed Content and select “Enable” option as shown in the screen shot below.

Another Browser Error message that you may experience states, "Microsoft Dynamics CRM has encountered an error (shown below) ."
The message you are experiencing in this instance is actually a privacy message. It’s asking your permission to send error data to Microsoft. In most cases, this issue is already being managed by Microsoft CRM. Here’s how to prevent this message from coming up:

1. In Enrollment Manager, go to File -> Options and click on the Privacy tab.

2. Change the Select your error notification preference to “Automatically send an error…” and click OK.

NOTE: You might make this change today and find that you need to do it again after a Windows Update is applied to your computer.


Pop-up Blocker

If you use any type of browser toolbar (such as Yahoo!, Google, MSN) you probably have at least two pop-up blockers running to protect you-- one in the toolbar and one natively running in Internet Explorer. For each, make sure you allow all pop-ups from *

NOTE: Additional details on performance and troubleshooting are available in a recorded webinar available here.