Browser and Software Compatibility

This page is maintained to provide information regarding browser and software compatibility for various parts of the application. Other browsers and versions may work as well, but these are used in testing.

Enrollment Manager Web Client

  • Internet Explorer version 9 or 10 running on Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • Make sure you are not using Compatibility View. To check:
      • In Internet Explorer, click F10 to view the menu. 
      • Select Tools, Compatibility View settings. 
      • Make sure * is not listed. 
  • Apple/Mac Support: Enrollment manager requires Windows 7 or 8 and Internet Explorer 9 or 10. We recommend using a PC, however Enrollment Manager should be accessible with applications such as Parallels or VMware Fusion that enable Internet Explorer and other Windows applications to run on a Mac. RuffaloCODY cannot, however, offer technical support for this type of environment.
  • Note: Internet Explorer 11 is currently not a supported browser. If you were automatically upgraded to IE11, you can uninstall it to return to IE10 (Control Panel -- Uninstall a Program -- View Installed Updates).
    • If you are unable to uninstall IE11, you will need to use a different URL to access Enrollment Manager. Users should type the URL as: in order to prevent the browser from navigating to the Mobile version of CRM (substitute your organization for orgname). You will also need to add to your IE's Compatibility View Settings. Remember this is an unsupported browser so you may have difficulty with some functionality.

Enrollment Manager Outlook Client

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

Enrollment Manager Mobile Client

  • Any web-enabled device including Windows, Unix, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Palm and Blackberry.

Event Registration

  • Internet Explorer version 9+
  • Firefox version 31+
  • Safari version 7+
  • Google Chrome 35+
Note: As of 8/23/2013 the Event Calendar has only been tested and confirmed for capability within an iFrame when viewed within Internet Explorer. Other browsers -- including Safari and Google Chrome -- may yield differing results. It is recommended that clients view their calendars (inside of iFrames) within alternate browsers and, if needed, add text to their web page such as: "If you are unable to see the calendar below, please click on this link." Then, have the link re-direct visitors to the stand-alone calendar. 

Event Check-in App

  • Internet Explorer version 9+
  • Firefox version 31+
  • Safari version 7+
  • Google Chrome 35+

Student Gateway

  • Internet Explorer version 9+
  • Firefox version 31+
  • Safari version 7+
  • Google Chrome 35+

Web Forms (inquiry, application, search response, etc)
  • Internet Explorer version 9+
  • Firefox version 31+
  • Safari version 7+
  • Google Chrome 35+

Microsoft Word (Letter Merge, Forms Data Export)

  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2013

Microsoft Excel (Export to Excel options throughout)

  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2013

Advanced Export Environment

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 64-bit (Standard or Enterprise)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2