Travel Reports

Travel Management Standard Reports 

The Itinerary Report provides a summary of a Trip and all related Travel Events.
The Event Results report is a summary of the results of all the Travel Events within a Trip.

To run a Travel Management report:
  • In the Navigation Page under Travel Management click on Trips. 
  • Double click on the Trip to open the Trip record. 
  • Click on the Reports menu and select Itinerary Report or Event Results. 
  • The report will generate in a new window. 

Travel Management Ad Hoc Reporting

Use the Advanced Find functionality in Enrollment Manager to search for and display data on constituents related to your travel, such as students who attend Organizations associated with your Travel Events or Trips. For example, you can create an Advanced Find for all students who attend an Organization that you will visit. You can modify the columns in your Advanced Find results to display data as desired.

Note: A common Advanced Find for Travel reporting will start from the Opportunity entity if the goal is for returned results to display Opportunity-related data such as Entry Term, Application Type, Opportunity Status ,etc.