Travel Management

Travel Management provides an easy way to manage travel related events including high school visits, college night programs and college fairs.

Whether your office uses a central Travel Administrator to schedule events and trips on behalf of staff members, or whether everyone keeps his or her own calendar, users can schedule trips and send communication to related constituents such as prospective students and high school counseling staff.

Plus, you can view your travel plans on a calendar, map directions to your visit sites, post activities to related Organization records and record trip statistics. And, through the use of Advanced Find and other familiar tools, you can run reports on your travel activities.

Understanding the Travel Management area

Found under Outreach, Travel Management is organized through the use of Travel Events and Trips.

Travel Event refers to a single sojourn, as in a visit to a given high school, attendance at a college fair or similar type of event.

Trip is the compilation of several Travel Events.

For example, a Trip might be named 'High School Visits in Northern Georgia'

Travel Events related to this Trip would be 'North Georgia High School Visit', 'Georgia Mountain College Fair',  'Georgia Mountain Memorial College Fair',  Etc.

For more details on Travel Events and Trips, see the related areas under this section.