Student Gateway Style

Your Student Gateway will display colors, fonts and instructions that you configure on your Student Gateway Style record. To begin using Student Gateway, your first step will be to created a style by clicking on Outreach/Student Gateway Style/New--> and giving your Style a name. Your style will be created with default colors and fonts pre-selected. Once you save this record, your Student Gateway is ready to use. 

Updating your Student Gateway Style

There are several items that can be personalized on this page. For all colors, you can select a hexidecimal code from the color wheel by clicking on the field. Alternately, you can type or paste a value directly into the field. Once you change a color on the page, it will display in the field. Once the colors are saved (by clicking Save on your Student Gateway Style), the values will be pushed to your cloud-based Student Gateway application immediately. Fonts can also be changed using a pre-selected set of font options. The font selected will be displayed next to the field on the Style page. 

On the Gateway page, under the missing items information, you may opt to have some text display under the FollowUp Instructions heading. These instructions are defined for each separate Opportunity Status value where you manage domain values. Every student who has a particular status for that login session will see the customized instructions for that status.