RC – Campaign Comments

RC – Campaign Comments

While students are on the phone with callers they may receive comments from students.  These comments can include valuable information about the student and may include specific questions that the student needs answered. The Campaign Comments  Report was created for you to be able to download comments from students.

These instructions will help you generate a report of all calling comments from one or many Campaigns (Projects), Counselors, and by a date range. This report allows you to directly retrieve comments from any calling program instead of going through a specific dashboard.

Here are a few simple instructions for accessing your report:

  1. Navigate to the reports menu  in Enrollment Manager
    Workplace > My Work > Reports > RC - Campaign Comments
  2. Click on the report name to open the report viewer
  3. Enter the report parameters (project(s), counselors, and set the start and end date.)
  4. Select "View Report" to generate results


If you have any questions during this process feel free to consult your Project Manager directly. We would be happy to help you through any stage of the export process.