CIM Campaign Exports

There are two exports related to a Comprehensive Inquiry Management (CIM) campaign.These export files include inquiries  -- and at times ESS (Search) non-responders  -- along with model scores, quadrants and survey responses. 

  • RNL - CIM Campaign Exportdisplays data for each record that is included in a specific CIM campaign, according to the settings of the report filter.
  • RNL - CIM Scoring Export - displays data for all records, according to the settings of the report filters. Records will appear in this report even if they were not included in a specific CIM campaign. This report should be utilized to retrieve data once the inquiry pool has been re-scored after a CIM phase or campaign is over.  Only records with a model score will appear in this report.
See the attached reference documents and section below for specific information about these exports. 

Accessing and running CIM Campaign Exports

After the launch of  CIM campaign, users can export a file of records directly from the EMP system. Exports are found in the Reports area. 

  1. Click on the Workplace dropdown in the top menu and select Reports
  2. Find the report titled "RC - CIM Campaign Export". 
  3. Click on the box next to the report then choose Run Report in the top tool baOR double-click on the name of the report. 
  4. Select the desired filters, then click "View Report" to generate results.

Setting the Export filters

The CIM exports can be filtered as follows:

 RNL – CIM Campaign Export filters:
  • Campaign
  •  Segment
  • Quadrant (formerly known as Quad Code)
  • Call Complete
  • Counselor
  • Survey
RNL – CIM Scoring Export filters:
  • Entry Term
  • Opportunity Type
  • Opportunity Status
  • Quadrant (formerly known as Quad Code)
  • Counselor
Once the options for each filter have been selected, click View Report to generate the Export. Filter settings are stored upon exiting the Export and will be the default view the next time the Export is opened.

Downloading export results

To export results:
1.  Click on the disk icon at the top of the Export
2.  Choose the desired file format.
3.  When prompted, save the file to a desired location.

CIM Export Reference documents (attached below):

  • RuffaloNL_CIM Standard Layouts.pdf - Provides the file layout for  the RNL - CIM Campaign Export and Scoring Export.
  •  Model Definitions.pdf  Details the geodemographic variables found in the CIM Exports
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