Queues are the equivalent of an inbox . They serve as areas within Enrollment Manager where Activities can be placed for users to draw from and take action, such as completing a task or making a phone call. The goal of a Queue is to allow users to organize open Activities and to provide transparency as to which Activities need action and who in the organization is working on the Activity.

For example, you can move Activities into your personal Queue, then you can organize and view them in terms of which are available for you to work on and which you are currently working on. You can also move items into the personal Queues of other users or into a Queue where several users have shared access.
An Activity can be present in one and only one queue.

Assigning Activities to a Queue

You can add Activities to a Queue in mass by using a pre-defined process, such as in the case of creating Phone Calls as part of a small scale calling campaign in Enrollment Manager using Quick Campaigns.

As well, Activities can be added to a Queue in mass or one at a time by using the Add to Queue icon that appears in the top menu when an Activity is open or when an Activity or Activities are selected.

Understanding Queue Items

Once an Activity has been added to a Queue, a Queue Item is automatically created. The Queue Item is a link between the Activity and the respective Queue and displays the following information:

  • Activity
  • Queue
  • Worked By – captures the user that is working on the Activity. This may be different from the the Staff Assigned to the specific Activity, or in the case of Phone Calls, the Sender.
  • Date and Time the Activity entered the Queue
  • Date and Time the Activity was last modified.

Creating a Queue

By default, every Enrollment Manager user has a Queue of which he or she is the owner and which can be used to organize Activities. Users cannot create new Queues, but they can request that new ones be created for them by contacting support@admissionslab.com.

Viewing and Accessing Queues

All users can view Activities in any Queue. However, Users can only take action on Activities in their personal Queue or any other Queue where they have permission to do so. 

To view or access Activities in a Queue, go to Workplace and select Queues. In the pane, you can select the Queue and the Queue Items from the drop downs.

The dropdown for Queues shows all the Queues created in the Enrollment Manager environment. The dropdown for Queue Items has the following default views:

  • Items Available to Work On – All Items in that Queue that are available to work on as defined by the fact that they have blank Worked By Fields
  • Items I am Working On – All Activities in that Queue where the user is in the Worked By field

Just as with any other entity in Enrollment Manager, you can create Advanced Find views for Queues and Queue items.

Acting on Activities in a Queue

Users can take one of the following actions on Activities in a Queue or corresponding Queue Items:

  • Work On – This action will add your user account to the Worked By field in the Queue Item. Note that this does NOT put the item into your own Queue. This action only puts your name in the Worked By field of the Queue item so that is is visible to others who may be getting Activities from the same Queue.
  • Routing – Routing an Activity allows you to move the selected Activity to another Queue. On the Queue Item, Routing only changes the Queue, but does not affect the Worked By field.
  • Release - Releasing the Queue Item removes the user from the Worked By field. Releasing does NOT change the Queue on the Queue Item. 
  • Remove – Removing deletes the Queue Item record from the system. The Activity still remains, however it is no longer assigned to any Queue.
  • Delete - When you delete an Activity from a Queue, the record is entirely deleted from Enrollment Manager
Managing Queue Item Activities that you are Working On