Spring 2012 Update FAQ

This FAQ is designed to provide easy access to the most commonly asked questions regarding the infrastructure changes planned for the Spring 2012 Update. In addition to this list, questions about functionality can be answered by referencing the Knowledge Base. If you have questions not addressed here, please send them to support@admissionslab.com to be added to this list. 

Q. What changes can I expect?

A. The changes to Enrollment Manager 2011 are designed to improve performance and stability, as well as provide user password management. The core functions of Enrollment Manager 2011 will be unchanged

Q. Will we lose any functionality that exists now?

A. No. All features present currently available in in Enrollment Manager 2011 will be available after the update. 

Q. When will changes actually occur?

A. Changes will be done on a client-by-client basis and will begin in the last two weeks of March, 2012. We will notify our contacts at each school to inform them of the maintenance period required.

Q. How long will the changes take?

A. The changes are projected to take about six hours per school to complete. Enrollment Manager will be unavailable for 1-4 hours during that period. Full functionality (including access to forms, email, events, etc) will take up to six hours to complete.

Q. Will downtime be necessary?

A. Yes, the changes will take place outside regular business hours and Enrollment Manager will be unavailable during the time required to make the changes. We will notify our contacts at each school to inform them of the maintenance period required.

Q. I have shortcuts to Enrollment Manager in my browser and on my desktop. Will those change?

A. Maybe. If your shortcut includes an address in this format: https://orgname.422x.com it will continue to work. If your shortcut takes you to a different location (such as https://login.422x.com/adfs), you should delete it and follow the format above instead. Users will receive an email after the update is complete confirming this address.

Q. What should I do after the changes to ensure I can log in successfully?

To prevent issues logging in after the changes, please follow the procedure below to update your Trusted Sites.

  1. In Internet Explorer, go to the tools icon and select "Internet Options"
  2. On the Security tab, click on the Trusted Sites icon and click the "Sites" button
  3. Add https://*.422x.com and https://*.powerobjects.net in the "Add this website to the zone" box and click the "Add" button
You may be unable to log in until these steps are complete.
In addition, we are introducing user password management as part of these changes. Users will now be able to set and change their own passwords in almost all cases. As a result each user will be required to set their own new password before logging into the system for the first time after the changes take place. The process for creating this new password, and resetting it afterwards is attached as a PowerPoint presentation entitled "User Password Management".

Those users that log in to Enrollment Manager with a shared account will be unable to use password management. Passwords for those accounts will continue to be managed by Admissions Lab staff.

Q. What is powerobjects.net?

A. This web address is used for our new user management and authentication system. It is only used for authentication and does not affect any other address used by Enrollment Manager including forms, events, Student Gateway, or Enrollment Manager shortcuts.

Q. We use the Outlook client to access Enrollment Manager. Can we continue to do so?

A. Yes. You will have to change the user name and password in the Outlook client to match your new credentials. There are no other changes impacting the Outlook client. 

Q. Will my current data be used?

A. Yes. Your data will be unchanged.

Q. We just upgraded to the new Enrollment Manager 2011. Why this change?

A. These changes are being made to improve the performance and stability of Enrollment Manager. In addition, this change allows us to deploy user password management, a feature many clients have requested.

Q. We have installed Web Intelligence tracking on some of our institutional web pages. Will that still work?

A. Yes. Web Intelligence tracking will work as before.

Q. Will my data entry forms or web forms change?

A. No. There are no changes to the data entry forms or web forms because of this process. 

Q. Can I import data the way I currently do?

A. Yes, you can upload data files just as you do now. There are no changes to the Standard Import layout or any of the other Admissions Lab supported layouts due to this change. 

Q. We use our Standard Export to update other campus systems. Will our Standard Export change?

A. There are no changes to the existing Standard Export format or process.

Q. Will all of our users still have access?

A. Yes. There are no changes to user access, other than the new user password management feature previously discussed.

Mar 16, 2012, 9:08 AM