Enrollment Manager 2011: New Features and Functions


Enrollment Manager 2011 brings the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office along with several new features. After the upgrade, you may have questions about the new interface and capabilities. This page will provide a review of these new capabilties and walk through some of the new features. Should you have further questions, please contact us atsupport@admissionslab.com and we'll be happy to address them.

Using Enrollment Manager 2011

Enrollment Manager 2011 has a very different appearance than the previous version, but the familiar features are still there and there are some new tools to assist you with navigation and data entry. 

New Navigation Tools

This overview provides a good explanation of the commonly used features and a helpful comparison of how those features appear in the new version.


Searches: New features to help turn commonly-used searches into Advanced Finds quickly and count the records returned by searches with precision.

Form Navigation: Display forms now have a single page view capability. Elements that were once in tabs are now on the same page and accessible from links under Information.

Value Lookups: In several cases, dropdown menus have been replaced with lookup boxes. In many cases it is possible to use the Auto Complete feature instead of the lookup. If the value is known or mostly known, inputting at least the first few letters will bring up a picklist to speed data entry.

Scroll Boxes: On many forms, there are now scroll boxes that allow the user to browse the list returned in the view from where the record was selected. This would be particularly useful if an admissions counselor was working from a list of this week’s appointments, for example. Rather than having to return to the list to select the next record, they can use the scroll box to move anywhere in the list.

Dashboards provide the user a way to group essential views together on one page. Activities, lists of Persons and Opportunities, and other elements of Enrollment Manager can be accessed from one location.

The Favorites Menu contains both a Recently Visited list and a Recent Views list. These track the views and items the user interacts with and displays the most recent ones in this menu.

Shortcut Menus provide a fast way to access the views in any given form, such as Person or Opportunity. 

Filtering - Getting the Information You Need, Fast

Enrollment Manager 2011 includes a new feature that allows users to quickly filter lists of Persons, Opportunities, Organizations and most other Enrollment Manager information. The filter closely resembles those used in Microsoft Excel and will permit the use of different kinds of criteria to locate records of interest.

This information can help you understand and use filters to quickly locate the information you're seeking. Once you've set the filters to your liking, you can then quickly turn that filter into an Advanced Find that you can reuse without having to rebuild it each time. 

Direct Mail

Bulk Email is unchanged from the previous version. There are changes to Direct Email processing in Enrollment Manager 2011. Direct email is the ability to send email directly from a Person record, Person list or from Advanced Find. Generally, direct email is sent to smaller lists of persons for a specific and often one-time purpose. 

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