Enrollment Manager 2011 Upgrade FAQ

This FAQ is designed to provide easy access to the most commonly asked questions regarding the upgrade to Enrollment Manager 2011. In addition to this list, questions about functionality can be answered by referencing the Knowledge Base. If you have questions not addressed here, please send them to support@admissionslab.com to be added to this list. To view a recorded webinar of an overview of Enrollment Manager 2011, click here:


Q. What changes can I expect?

A. The upgrade to Enrollment Manager 2011 is primarily a change to the look and feel of the application. The core functions of Enrollment Manager are largely unchanged. The data stored in Enrollment Manager 2011 is the same data from your previous version. The training in the upcoming webinars will focus on changes to specific actions or processes.

Since Enrollment Manager 2011 is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform, the appearance and navigation will be immediately familiar to users of the Microsoft Office suite of products – a ribbon of icons at the top of each window makes navigation and use very similar to that of Outlook, Word and other Microsoft applications.

Q. Will we lose any functionality that exists now?

A. No. All features present in the current version are available in Enrollment Manager 2011. There is one behavior change to how Direct Email is handled (mentioned below). 

Q. Will our users have to be re-trained to use Enrollment Manager 2011?

A. Users familiar with navigating in Microsoft Office will also be familiar with using and navigating Enrollment Manager 2011. There may be processes or specific actions which are different in form but not function. Those items will be the focus of the pre-upgrade discussions and training to assist your users in making the transition.

Q. When will upgrades actually occur?

A. Upgrades will begin in Fall 2011. Your Virtual Enrollment Coordinator will contact you to discuss and schedule your upgrade.

Q. How long will the upgrade take?

A. Your upgrade will take place overnight. Enrollment Manager 2011 will be available first thing in the morning on your go live date. We will provide information on when your users will need to be out of the system as we get closer to that date.

Q. Will there be downtime necessary before the upgrade to capture data?

A. No. Since your data will be migrated entirely, there is no need to capture a set of data beforehand and the only required downtime will be during the overnight upgrade process itself. We will provide information on when your users will need to be out of the system as we get closer to your upgrade date.

Q. Will I need to clear my Internet Explorer cache before logging in to Enrollment Manager 2011?

A. It is recommended to do so. Information on clearing your IE cache is in our Knowledge Base.

Q. What should I do before the upgrade to ensure I can log in successfully?

To prevent issues logging in after upgrading to Enrollment Manager 2011 please add https://*.422x.com to your Trusted Sites. Here are the steps for doing this:

  1. In Internet Explorer, go to the tools icon and select "Internet Options"
  2. On the Security tab, click on the Trusted Sites icon and click the "Sites" button
  3. Add https://*.422x.com in the "Add this website to the zone" box and click the "Add" button

Q. We use the Outlook client to access Enrollment Manager. Can we continue to do so?

A. Yes. Enrollment Manager 2011 has even better integration with Outlook. There is an updated Outlook client that you should install after your upgrade is complete. With this new Outlook client, you'll gain tighter integration and awesome new customization capabilities. In the case of Direct Email, the Outlook client is required (see details below). 

Q. Will my current data be used in the new version?

A. Yes. Your data will be brought unchanged into Enrollment Manager 2011.

Q. We just upgraded to the new Email Marketing module earlier this year – how will that change?

A. Not at all. The Email Marketing module was designed and implemented with Enrollment Manager 2011 in mind. Other than the look and feel changes across Enrollment Manager, the functions in Mailings will be the same. Your existing mailings, templates and tracking will not change.

Q. Can I continue to use Direct Email in Enrollment Manager 2011?

A. Direct Email is the ability to send email from the application directly from a Person record or from Advanced Find. In Enrollment Manager 2011, this functionality exists only using the Outlook client which sends these messages through your existing email system. Note that this is DIFFERENT from email generated through the Email Marketing module which continues to send mail through our servers. So yes, Direct Email will still work but it now requires the Outlook Client to be running. 

Additional documentation on changes involving Direct Email is located here.

Q. We have installed Web Intelligence tracking on some of our institutional web pages. Will that still work?

A. Yes. Web Intelligence tracking will work as before.

Q. Will my data entry forms or web forms change?

A. No. There are no changes to the data entry forms or web forms because of the upgrade to Enrollment Manager 2011. However, the link to the Gateway has changed. The new link includes your organization name in the URL. As an example, for Greenville University, the new link would be http://greenville.g.422x.com . Simply adding a ".g." to your regular database URL as shown will produce the correct link. 

Q. Will I have the same attributes available in Enrollment Manager 2011?

A. Yes. Enrollment Manager 2011 allows you to track the same hundreds of data elements as before - including enrollment information, biodemographic data, activities, interests, relationships, scores and more.

Q. Can I import data the way I currently do?

A. Yes, you can upload data files just as you do now. There are no changes to the Standard Import layout or any of the other Admissions Lab supported layouts due to the upgrade. Additional detail on the Standard Import functionality is available in the Knowledge Base here.

Once your data is imported to Enrollment Manager, you can locate students in the forms and add and remove records from an Outreach List using Advanced Find just as before.

Q. We use our Standard Export to update other campus systems. Will our Standard Export change?

A. There are no changes to the existing Standard Export format or process.

Q. I have shortcuts to Enrollment Manager in my browser and on my desktop. Will those change?

A. No. The web address you use to access Enrollment Manager will not change.

Q. Will all of our users automatically get licenses for Enrollment Manager 2011?

A. Yes. There are no changes to user access due to the upgrade.

Q. What about my email volume limits? Will anything change?

A. No. Your existing remaining volume will be carried over to Enrollment Manager 2011.

Q. I see that Enrollment Manager is built on Microsoft CRM, can I use a Mac with the new version?

A. Enrollment manager requires Windows and Internet Explorer. We recommend using a PC, however Enrollment Manager should be accessible with applications such as Parallels or VMware Fusion, that enable Internet Explorer and other Windows applications to run on a Mac. Admissions Lab cannot, however, offer technical support for this type of environment. The Mobile Version of Enrollment Manager is also available on any web-based device including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc.