2013 Product Updates

May 2013

The May 2013 Product Update has been announced over a series of product announcements. The following is a summary of all messages.

Connections Replacing Relationships 

The Relationships entity is currently used to link one Person record to another. This is most typically used to link students to a parent or sibling. Microsoft has introduced a new way to do this using the Connections entity. Connections are more powerful as they allow links between any two entities in the system. They are also easier to use, requiring only a single role to define a Connection.

With the May 2013 Product Update, your existing Relationships will be converted to Connections. After the update, you'll be able to work with Connections in the same manner you do today with Relationships. In addition, import and export processes will be updated so that no additional work is required for clients.

For more information on Connections, we encourage you to visit the Knowledge Base where updated information is available. We have also prepared a Connections FAQ to answer questions you may have. If you have additional questions not addressed here, send them to emsupport@ruffalocody.com.

Updates to Standard Reports
The Product Update will include updated versions of several standard reports including:

  • Standard Interest - This report has been optimized for improved performance. In addition, the Street 2 field has been added as an Enhancement Request. 
  • Standard Opportunity - This report has been optimized for improved performance. In addition, the Street 2 field has been added as an Enhancement Request. 
  • Standard Profile - This report has been updated to properly exclude Communication Flow activities. It also properly excludes the Subject in email activities.
  • Standard Status - This report has been optimized for performance and now properly excludes Suspects.  
ACTION ITEM: If you currently have default filter values saved for the Standard Opportunity or Standard Interest reports, these will be overwritten by the updated reports. If you need to have these default filters updated, simply send your request to Support at adlabsupport@ruffalocody.com. We can handle this request as part of your update. More information is available in the Knowledge Base.

New Event Management Module 

The Product Update will include the new Event Management module. The new functionality will replace the existing event module, which will remain in the application for the next couple months. During this time, all schools are encouraged to transition their events to the new module. Help is available in the Knowledge Base as well as from your Enrollment Operations Manager.
To get started in the new module, there are new articles available in the Knowledge Base to assist with training and planning. Details
To review the functionality of the new module, we encourage you to watch the recorded webinar available online.

Communications: Support for SMS 

This release will include new functionality that allows users to send SMS text messages to students from within Enrollment Manager. These text messages are tracked to the Person record. Responses are also tracked. This feature requires some additional setup for each client and details are available in the Knowledge Base. Details

Social Media: Post to Facebook 
The social media functionality is now broadening to include Facebook posting functionality within Enrollment Manager. This allows you to treat Facebook as another communication channel by planning, scheduling, and executing Facebook updates from within the Outreach section of Enrollment Manager. Details 

Requirements Tracking: Autofill Complete Date 
A new function on the Requirements grid now allows you to waive a requirement and have the complete date automatically updated. Details

Mapping: Bing Map Updates 
Mapping functions throughout Enrollment Manager have been updated for improved performance. This includes maps on the Organization records, Travel Events, and Trip Itineraries.

Outreach List Export: New Fields 
The Outreach List export function used to create mail merge files has been updated to include the EMPersonID and EMOpportunityID. Details

Outreach List: Automated Mailing Definitions 
The Outreach List now contains a field to specify a Mailing Definition. When used with the Send Bulk Email function, this will automatically pass to the Quick Mail form to make sending email even easier. Details

Travel Events: Notes to Appointments 
A new field is available in the Travel Events for Notes. These Notes can contain details pertinent to the event like location, directions, etc. These Notes will also be passed to the Appointment record created so they are available to the traveler on their calendar. Details

Duplicate PersonOrg: Cleanup and Prevention 
In recent months our support team has received some questions about why duplicate person organizations appear on some students’ records. In most cases, duplicate PersonOrgs result when duplicate person records are identified and merged, but related records - such as PersonOrgs, external IDs, and race values - are not adequately cleaned up. Our Knowledge Base has been updated with more information and recommendations for the duplicate merging process. Consider scheduling time with staff members to review these guidelines to help keep your data clean and streamlined. Details