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Capitalization Rules

Enrollment Manager runs daily system routines to check for and correct capitalization errors in the first name, middle name, last name, the three street address lines, and city within Person records.

Overnight, the system will auto-correct any name or address to proper case. In addition to correcting proper case, the system corrects any of the following special instances when standing alone:

Postal Codes:

ae, afb, apo, arb, asl, cbc, cmb, cmr, cr, fm, fpo, hdqtrs,  kpn, kps, ne, nw, po, pr, se, sw, pmb, po, usag-j, sr (when followed by a number)

Superscripts (when immediately preceded by a number):

[0-9]nd, [0-9]rd, [0-9]th



Standalone letters:

Middle initials

Name variations (when immediately followed by at least two letters):

McMillan, DAngelo, etc.