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Application Processing


Within each Opportunity, Enrollment Manager tracks application requirements. As part of the process, the system tracks the date and time each requirement was completed, indicates which items are still missing, and -- once all items are received -- automatically completes the application and updates the Opportunity Status Value.

The process defined

When an Opportunity is created in Enrollment Manager with a value in the Application Type field, the defined requirements for the specific Application Type are created for the Opportunity record. This process also is triggered when the Application Type on an existing Opportunity is set from null value to a specific value.

If the Application Type on an existing Opportunity changes from one value to another, the Opportunity Requirements from the new App Type will be appended to the existing list of requirements already on the Opportunity from the old App Type.

Requirements are completed, in general, via a process that checks the Activity History for completed Application-related activities. If the process finds these Activities, the requirements are completed, with the completion dates added and removal of requirements from the Missing Items area.

Once all Requirements are met, the Opportunity Status Value is updated to reflect completion. For detailed information on managing Requirements, please review Creation and Completion of Opportunity Requirements