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Address Verification and Correction

Enrollment Manager offers two levels of Address Verification and Correction. Both processes run continually in the system (triggered at least hourly) on any new or updated addresses.
  • ZIP+4 and County Updates: By default, Enrollment Manager will update each valid address with the appropriate ZIP+4 Postal Code and County. Each time an address is added or changed in the system, a background process will analyze the address using US Postal Service data to assign the appropriate ZIP+4 and County. If the address doesn't match a valid USPS® record, no update is made. This level of service is free of charge and runs automatically for all schools.
  • Address Correction Service: For schools that want additional address correction, an optional service is available to verify, format, and update the street, city and state data for your addresses. This process will correct spelling and abbreviations, add missing address elements, and confirm that the address exists in the USPS® database as a delivery point. If the address doesn't match a valid USPS® record, no update is made. This level of service is available to all schools for an additional annual fee. For more information on pricing, or to start this service, contact the support team.

When either process runs, each address record is tagged to indicate that the address has been checked. This data is available in the Address Verified field. Yes indicates that the address has checked even if no changes are made. No indicates that the address is ready to be checked during the next scheduled process. After an address has been checked, the Address Quality field will be populated with the results. The possible results are listed below and indicate either the changes made or the reason a match was not possible. 

Note: There are different levels of matching that can be used in any address verification system. The Enrollment Manager verification process takes a very conservative approach so that no updates are made without a high certainty that the address has been matched in the USPS database.

Address Quality Results

Address Quality

Address revised by LACS

City and state changed

City changed

Directional and ZIP changed

Directional changed

Failed DPV because of invalid PO, RR, or HC box number

Failed DPV because of invalid primary

Failed DPV because of invalid secondary

Matched to undeliverable address; 5-digit coded

Matched to unique ZIP code; delivery address line not verified

Multiple possible matches with different ZIP+4 codes were found

Multiple possible matches with similar street names were found but with no exact matches

No input ZIP and no input city

No significant changes

Predirectional required to choose from multiple possible matches

Primary number invalid

State changed

Street name and city changed

Street name and Directional changed

Street name and state changed

Street name and suffix changed

Street name and ZIP changed

Street name changed

Street name invalid

Street name, directional, and ZIP changed

Street name, suffix, and directional changed

Street name, suffix, and ZIP changed

Suffix and city changed

Suffix and directional changed

Suffix and ZIP changed

Suffix changed

Suffix required to choose from multiple possible matches

Suffix, directional, and ZIP changed

Unique input ZIP Code does not match input city/state

Valid primary but failed DPV because of invalid secondary

Valid primary but failed DPV because of missing secondary

ZIP changed

Address Terminology

USPS - United States Postal Service
ZIP+4 - unique postal code that identifies a specific address by adding a four digit extension such as 12345-1234
Prefix/Suffix - Abbreviations used before or after a street name such as Rd, Blvd, Pkwy, etc
Primary address – The street address of the record. This indicates the location of the address within the city or town.
Secondary address – The unit information for the address, such as the apartment, suite or post office box numbers. For buildings with multiple units, this indicates the location of the specific business or residence within the primary address.
Directional – Indicates the street direction, such as “W. 17th St.” or “Magnolia Blvd. NE.” It is called a pre-directional if it comes before the street name, a post-directional if it comes after. This is included in the primary address.
Street Suffix – The portion of the street name that indicates what type of street it is, such as “Ave.” or “Boulevard.” This is included in the primary address.
Unique ZIP Code – Some high-volume addresses, such as a university or large corporation, receive their own five-digit ZIP Code. These addresses will not receive a +4 code when corrected. Because many of these unique ZIP Code locations have their own mail services, the rest of the address will not be checked for accuracy.
General Delivery ZIP Code – This type of ZIP Coded indicates that all mail sent here will be held for pickup. These addresses include only an addressee, city, state and the ZIP Code.
Urbanization – A Puerto Rico-only division of urban areas that helps identify the location of a given street.
CASS – The system by which the USPS certifies address correction software. With CASS-certified software, you can qualify for automation and presorting discounts. Then Enrollment Manager process uses CASS-certified software.
DPV – Verifies that the specified address is deliverable and physically exists. DPV processes verify addresses to the unit level. CASS-certified software must verify at least the primary address using DPV.
LACS – An automated process that updates addresses when the street name has changed or when rural route addresses convert to street names. 

Finding and Reporting Results

To see the results of the Address Verification process, you can easily create Advanced Find queries or Reports. In either, the following fields are available to query or report:
Address Verified - This field indicates whether the address has been checked by the verification process. Possible results will Yes, No, or blank if the record does not include a full address. 
Address Quality - This field will display the results (possible values are listed above) giving you the ability to find or report all addresses with a specific Address Quality value or text string. 

International Addresses

The Enrollment Manager Address Verification process does not process addresses outside of the United States.