Using the Outlook Client

Doing Enrollment Manager Work in Outlook 

Microsoft Office Outlook Client for Enrollment Manager is an add-in feature that can be installed on your computer. This Outlook Client brings Enrollment Manager into your everyday Microsoft Office Outlook experience because the Enrollment Manager areas appear as sub-folders in the Outlook mail folders.

Enrollment Manager for Outlook automatically starts when Outlook is opened. To view a list of records, click the folder for that record type. The preview pane displays the list.

The following describes basic steps for email management and calendar synchronization between the two applications.

Set Email Regarding Records

When you use Enrollment Manager for Outlook, all the e-mail you receive arrives in your Outlook Inbox, and only e-mail that originated as an Enrollment Manager e-mail activity (that is, a response to e-mail you send from Enrollment Manager), or that is marked as tracked in Enrollment Manager, arrives in the Enrollment Manager Activities and My Work: Queues area.

You can save Outlook contacts as new Enrollment Manager contacts. You can link the newly saved record to another Enrollment Manager record, such as an opportunity or contact. As email arrives in your inbox you can set the regarding record to an opportunity or contact by clicking on the Set Regarding icon in the menu bar. Pick the entity you wish to regard the email to, typically an opportunity or a person. Once this email is regarding an Opportunity or Person, then you can reply to the email and it will automatically show up in the History section of the Opportunity record or Person Record.

Note: You must first set the regarding record before replying to the email to automatically become part of the history of the record.
Once the email has been regarded to an opportunity or person record you will see an additional field in the email header information. This field contains the name of the record it is regarding.

Synchronization of Calendars 

Events and appointments that are created in the Microsoft Outlook Client can be tracked in Enrollment Manager.

To track a personal appointment from your Outlook Calendar to Enrollment Manager, click Track in CRM. You can also regard an appointment to a record in Enrollment Manager.

On the Microsoft Office Outlook Standard toolbar, click New.

On the New menu, click Appointment.

On the Enrollment Manager toolbar, click Track in CRM.

After you save the record, the View in CRM button becomes available.

Do the following to locate and select a parent record to link to this record:

In Microsoft Outlook, click Set Regarding.
Select the record to which you want to Regard this appointment.                   

Events created in Enrollment Manager will also be seen in the Outlook calendar. Personal appointments in your Outlook calendar without tracking will only be visible on your Outlook Calendar and not to your Enrollment Manager community.