Outlook Client Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

Support for Microsoft Outlook itself is not included with Enrollment Manager Technical Support. For that reason, we encourage users to do their own troubleshooting as much as possible. This is because Outlook interacts with many other applications (email servers, third-party calendars, plug-ins, etc) and the Technical Support Team cannot replicate your environment to reproduce errors. If problems arise, we recommend searching online for the specific errors you see, or use Microsoft resources by searching for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook Client. If prompted, indicate you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises

Many issues are resolved by following the Configuration or Repair steps listed here

Outlook Synchronization Errors

Some users have reported seeing Sync Errors accumulating in Outlook. Sync errors occur between Outlook and Microsoft Exchange and are not directly related to Enrollment Manager. These errors typically occur when the user is synchronizing information from 'Other folders' such as a calendar for a colleague. To prevent these errors, go to your Account Settings in Outlook for your Exchange Account. From there, click on “More Settings”, then Advanced tab. If you’re using Cached Exchange Mode, Un-select the option to ‘Download Shared Folders’. After that, restart Outlook.

Repeated Log In Requests

Problem: While working in Enrollment Manager within Outlook, opening records and navigating causes a prompt requires you to enter your credentials again. This may occur over and over again.

Cause: If you have your Enrollment Manager URL saved in your favorites with anything other than "https://organization.422x.com", such as https://gu.422x.com/main.aspx. This will cause a mismatch between your authentication in Internet Explorer and Outlook and causes the log in pages to reoccur. 

Resolution: Ensure you save Enrollment Manager in your favorites just as "https://organization.422x.com/. 

 Error Configuring the CRM for Outlook Client

Problem: After downloading and installing the client, you try to configure it for your organization. The progress bar goes about halfway and then eventually times out with a error saying it could not connect to the server.

Cause: The "base" download of the client is no longer compatible with Enrollment Manager.

Resolution: Install the latest rollup for the CRM for Outlook client. These can usually be found by running Windows update, however some campus IT departments may limit what updates are available. If you cannot see these updates, you can find the latest update from Microsoft here.