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2013 Web Service

NOTE: The Web Service information below is for the 2013 version of the web service that will be discontinued. Details on the updated 2014 version are available here.

Web Services can be used to import data programmatically. Records can be sent to Enrollment Manager using Web Services using standard web service/SOAP protocols. The format of data submitted is detailed in the Standard Import documentation.   


Using the Web Service Import requires development tools (such as Microsoft Visual Studio). Using development tools, a developer can add a web service reference to a project.

The SendFormData method is used to send records to Enrollment Manager. The result sent back informs the client of success/failure of the web service call. The information below provides the information needed for a developer to take advantage of this functionality.

Import URL

This is the endpoint to the webservice for importing records into  Enrollment Manager. This is the URL that you will use to make calls to the web service.


If you require secure transmission of data you can use SSL by using the following address:


Import Method

There are a few methods within the import web service, the only one that is needed is :

Sends Form Data to be added to 
 Enrollment Manager. The first call sets up and authentication session, so subsequent calls are much more efficient. Each call extends the Authentication session or a further 20 minutes. 
e.g. SendFormData("USERNAME", "PASSWORD", "test_xml_message") 
e.g. SendFormData("USERNAME", "PASSWORD", "test_csv_message")

You can obtain your username and password for web service access from Support at support@admissionslab.com

The test_xml_message/test_csv_message is a string parameter that holds the contents of the records in either XML or CSV format. The method actively calculates if the string is a CSV or XML format. 

The format of this XML/CSV string parameter is detailed in the  Enrollment Manager standard import specification. A copy of the schema is also available as XSD attached below. 


The WSDL for importing records is located at


Your development platform should be able to import this URL and create programming objects to client the SendFormData method.

Test URL

To test your sample records to see if they import into Enrollment Manager before you build your automated web service import you can use the following URL:


This test page is a simple Visual Studio development project utilizing the SendFormData method discussed above.

XML Schema Definition

The latest version of the XML Schema Definition (XSD) is available here: