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Standard Export

The Standard Person Opportunity Export is a process for exporting a limited set of records from Enrollment Manager. The exported records can be used for integration, archiving and/or reporting. The document attached below to this article details the format of the exported data.

The Standard Export file format is comma-separated Values (CSV), with double-quote (") text qualifiers.

The Standard Export is designed to run daily. The file created will include data on any record with an opportunity for current active terms. The execution of the export process includes placing the zipped, exported file in a location of your convenience.

The Standard Export layout is explained in detail in the Standard Export Documentation file. Because it is standard for all clients, no customization is available. However, if you need more information than is available in the Standard Export file, you may consider using the Advanced Export.

Using the Standard Export

The Standard Export file is available beginning when your Enrollment Manager database is ready.

To download your file, use the site <OrganizationName>.FTP.422x.com, using port 22. For example, organization Greenville would use Greenville.ftp.422x.com. We recommend that an FTP client tool such as Filezilla be used to make the connection.

You will have two FTP accounts you may use with Enrollment Manager that have the same password and are given to you by your Enrollment Coordinator. To download your export file, you will log in with the <Organization>Data account. This is the same account you would use to upload a file that you would like for Admissions Lab to review before importing, or for a special purpose file. The other account, <Organization>,is used to upload files that will be automatically processed by Enrollment Manager without review or intervention. Examples of these accounts are Greenville Data and Greenville, respectively.
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