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Upload Import Files using Secure FTP

Most import files may be uploaded using the Import Upload Utility. To automate the process, you can also use our SFTP service. Please contact Support if you would like more information about how to do this.

CSV and XML files larger than 30 MB should be uploaded using your secure FTP folder. Contact Admissions Lab Support Services for FTP login information when you are ready to begin uploading data. The import process monitors the FTP location regularly for the presence of new files. New files will be processed as they are identified and moved to an archive location following import. Large files may receive a lower import priority and be placed in the import queue behind smaller files.

Uploaded files must follow a standard file naming convention that varies depending on the type of import.


Import TypeNaming Convention 

Standard Person Opportunity Import

Common ApplicationCommonApp_[OrgName]_[datetime].[ext]


  • The first part of the filename identifies the type of import. It must be typed exactly as shown for each import type. 
  • [OrgName] is your organization's name as used in the login URL for Enrollment Manager.
  • [tag] is an optional short description that helps to identify the type of data contained in the file. A tag should only be used for files for the Standard Person Opportunity Import.
  • [datetime] is the date/time in any format as long as it creates a unique filename.
  • [ext] is .txt or .csv for CSV files and .xml for XML files.