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Third Party Imports

Enrollment Manager has standard routines for importing files from the following data sources:
  • College Board SAT electronic score reports 
  • ACT electronic score reports 
  • Common Application  
  • College Bound Selection Service (CBSS)
  • NRCCUA Uniform layout 

NEW! For ACT and SAT Import 2016-2017

ACT Import Changes - TBA 

SAT Import Changes - Please read carefully!

CollegeBoard has made significant changes to the SAT. The first administration of the updated test was on March 5 and those scores became available on Monday, May 9.

Ruffalo Noel Levitz has modified our standard SAT Import to support the latest layout. Details found here.  The new import mirrors the previous functionality of the SAT import. For a complete listing of SAT data that is imported, see the SAT Import User Guide. (Note that not all SAT data included in the file will be imported.)

 High score processing will not change. Client settings will remain the same and the system process will remain the same. College Board has recommended against super scoring old SATs and new SATs. The EMP high score calculation process will not distinguish those tests based on date. Any SAT, regardless of date, will be treated the same in the high score process.

 We have created reports to assist clients in evaluating official test scores for students. If clients utilize high score in student evaluation, we recommend use of one of new reports that will be provided. Please see the page on Standard Reports for instructions on how to run these reports and general information on all standard reports. 

High Score is a calculated field in EMP and is not editable by user, via import or via workflow. If clients wish to manually recalculate a High Score and store it in the system, we recommend that they utilize an unused field on the Person or that they create a new Test Name and enter this in the Scores entity


Import routines for other standard data sources may be in development or may be considered for development if demand is present. Please inquire with RNL Support if a data source you wish to import does not appear on the list above.

To prepare to use any of the available third-party import processes:

  1. Review the information in the documentation for the specific import you wish to use (SAT, ACT, etc.). A document for each standard import process is attached to this article.
  2. Request the domain value lookup mapping utility for the specific import you wish to use from Enrollment Manager Support (emsupport@ruffalonl.com). This utility will be generated using your current domain values in Enrollment Manager.
  3. Complete the lookup mappings in the utility and send completed utility to RNL Support.
  4. Wait to receive confirmation that lookup values are updated in Enrollment Manager.
  5. Begin uploading data files to Enrollment Manager using the Import Upload Utility . 

In addition to the standard third-party routines for which files can be uploaded through the Import Upload Utility, RNL client services can convert files from some third-party vendors to standard import format for you and manage the import of those files. Documentation on this process is available for the third party sources listed below (see document links in this article). Imports for other third party sources may be in development, so please inquire with RNL Support if a data source you wish to import does not appear on the list.

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