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Import Exceptions

What are import exceptions?

Import exceptions refer to messages that are generated during the RNL automated process that brings data into EMP-specific instances of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It is used for files that are manually uploaded via the EMP interface and for those files generated and uploaded by the Data Sync process. 

This process – commonly known as the standard import process – is a RNL custom, proprietary process.

When do import exceptions occur?

Exceptions can be generated during stages of the import process that:

-       match values within the source file to values in EMP (pre-processing)

-       match/ update/create core and/or child records within EMP (record management). 

Where are import exceptions stored?

Import exceptions can be viewed by RNL staff members, or full EMP users, in the File Imports area of EMP. This area was developed by RNL to provide information on import outcomes and is not part of the standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. 

Within EMP, the following information is viewable for each import exception:

  • Exception Type – a classification of the Exception that relates to the reason why the exception occurred
  • Exception – a message that describes the exception
  • Related Import – a link to the File Import Record.
  • Exception View – a user-friendly view of the data within the source record
  • Record XML – the XML for data within the source record
Common Exceptions

See attached document for information on understanding and managing common Import Exceptions.

Tina Bishop,
Oct 1, 2015, 12:10 PM