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Import Data Wizard

The Import Data Wizard is a function built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It does not contain the rules necessary to import student data but may be useful for importing lists of Persons or Organizations – Persons, such as a list of counselors, volunteers or others who are not prospective students, and Organizations that are not a part of the standard file of institutions present in Enrollment Manager. The data to import must be stored in a comma-delimited values (CSV) file. The Wizard can only be used to import data into the Person or Organizations entities and it will not update existing Person or Organization records.

The steps for using the Import Data Wizard can be run by any user of Enrollment Manager. The Import Data Wizard is designed for relatively small data imports that do not require complex data manipulation.

NOTE: Prospective student data should be imported via the Standard Person/Opportunity Import, not the Import Data Wizard.

Limitations of the Import Data Wizard: 
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  • All imported records are assigned to one user.
  • Once completed, it cannot be easily undone.
  • Complex data modification must be done before import.
  • Uploading notes and/or attachments is not supported.
  • Only one file can be imported at a time.
  • The maximum size of the file that is supported by this import method is 4MB.
  • The import will create new records – it will not update existing records.

Process Overview: 
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  1. (Optional) Complete/verify duplicate detection set up
  2. Prepare the data to be imported in a CSV file.The CSV file should include header names to assist in the creation of the Data Map.
  3. Navigate to the Entity and select Import Data from the ribbon menu.
  4. Create a Data Map
  5. Import the data

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  • Consider importing only a few records initially.This allows for testing of the CSV file and Data Map and allows verification/review of the results prior to a larger import.
  • Put records for different owners in different files. (Records imported through the wizard can only be assigned to one user.)
  • If the import file includes data from a drop-down list, ensure that all values exist in Enrollment Manager and the values are an exact match (capitalization does matter).