Enrollment Operations Manager

To ensure that you get the most out of your investment in Enrollment Manager, RuffaloCODY puts one of our experienced Enrollment Operations Managers at your disposal. Your dedicated Enrollment Operations Manager will get to know you and your enrollment management strategy, and then provide tactical assistance and “best-practices” consulting that complements the unlimited technical support you’ll receive from RuffaloCODY.
Initially, your Enrollment Operations Manager will shepherd you through our flexible implementation process and assist with data migration, defining domain values and training Enrollment Manager administrators. Once you are up and running, your Enrollment Operations Manager will serve as an extension of your admission staff assisting with critical system tasks and recruitment tactics—from the creation of import maps, to the development of custom reports, to the execution of email campaigns, or the training of new Enrollment Manager administrators.
Some examples of tasks that can be coordinated through your Enrollment Operations Manager:

Your Enrollment Operations Manager will also work with other RuffaloCODY staff members to provide overall account management support, monitor technical support issues (and resolution times), and offer “best-practices” input related to the use of Enrollment Manager tools. The availability of a Enrollment Operations Manager is continuous and part of the standard subscription pricing and available to you in addition to your unlimited technical support.