Webinar - Performance

This webinar provides information to assist users with performance related issues they may experience when using Enrollment Manager. This video is best experienced in Full Screen mode by clicking the Full Screen icon in the video menu.

Best Practices Webinar - Enrollment Manager Performance

Tools used in this webinar:
Browser Diagnostics
Diagnostics Site: https://orgname.422x.com/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx (replace orgname with your institution)
To run the diagnostics tool, simply click Run on this page and send the results to Support Services. 

Point to Point Tracing
Trace Site: http://trace.422x.com/
This should be used when requested by someone on the Support Team. 
To execute a trace, follow the link where it says:
   To download the agent to start the testing from your computer click here
This downloads a small application called Upgrade.exe. Allow this to download and launch.
Once launched, wait for your Support contact to initiate the trace.