Tools-Manage Travel


Schedule high school visits, college day/night programs, and other recruitment travel within Enrollment Manager. A shared calendar, scheduling wizard and integrated database of high schools and colleges makes it easy to:

  • Manage travel requests
  • Send reminders and follow-up communication to students, parents, alumni and counselors
  • Assign staff, and stuff like laptops and table banners, to a range of travel events
  • Produce easy-to-use directions, maps and satellite images of a location


  • Schedule trips within Enrollment Manager
  • Manage trip details, update statuses and record outcomes.
  • Send communication to prospective students at related organizations


Reading Assignments and Tasks

Read: Travel Management
Task: Find the Travel Management area within Enrollment Manager

Read: Trips
Task: Create a new Trip

Read: Travel Events
Task: Create multiple Travel Events associated with the Trip you just created
Task: Change the status of each Travel Event to ?Confirmed?.

Read: Travel Calendar
Task: View the Travel Events you've created on the Travel Calendar

Read: Travel Communication
Task: Create an Outreach List of students (Persons) who attend Organizations associated to your Travel Events

Read: Travel Reports
Task: Record trip statistics for each Travel Event
Task: Run an Itinerary Report and an Event Results Report for your Trip.