Tools-Manage Events


E-mail, text, chats, blogs, social media and web content: They're all valuable, but they can't replace 'being there'. That's why Enrollment Manager makes it so easy to schedule face-to-face events - from daily information sessions, to hotel receptions, to multi-session open house programs.

Events are easy to set up and can be shared through a web calendar, Twitter or email. Online registration also is taken care of, and all event-related activities are captured and saved for every potential attendee - leaving you more time to tweet with prospects!


  • Create and publish Events to the online calendar.
  • Customize the online calendar or deploy within an i-frame.
  • Understand Events Types and Default Events.
  • Become familiar with the registration process from the constituent perspective.
  • Manage registrations and send automated confirmation emails.
  • Send follow-up communication to Event registrants, attendees, cancellations or no-shows.  

Reading Assignments and Tasks:

Understanding Event Registration Manager

Read: Event Registration Manager
Task: Review Event Registration Manager menu

Creating simple Events

Read: Event Tab 1Event Tab 2Event Tab 3Event Tab 4 and Event Tab 5.
Task: Review 'Sample Event' in your environment
Task: Create a new Event

Working with the online calendar

Read: Deploying Enrollment Manager Events
Task: Find the link for the online calendar within the public links area of Enrollment Manager.
Task:  Register for an Event through the online calendar

Creating Manual Registrations

Read: Create a New Registration
Task:  Create a new registration through Event Registration Manager

Managing simple Registrations 

Read: Search and View Registrations and Edit a Registration
Task: Find, open and modify a registration

Sending follow-up Communication

Read: Outreach Lists and Advanced Find
Task: Add Persons to an Outreach List that have registered for an Event you've created

Advanced Reading Assignments and Tasks (Optional):

Customizing the online calendar

Read: Configure Department Header
Read: Configure Calendar Styles
Task: Change the logo and colors of the online calendar

Working with Messages

Read: Editing Event Messages
Task: Create a new message for each message type

Creating Default Events

Read: Default Events
Task: Create a Default Event for one of the Event Types in your environment 

Creating Recurring Events

Read: Recurring Events
Task: Create a recurring Event

Creating complex Events

Read: Requests
Task: Create an Event with 2 or more Requests
Read: Sessions
Task: Create an Event with  2 or more Sessions

Managing complex Registrations

Task: Register for an Event with requests through the online calendar
Read: Confirm a Registration
Task: Fulfill event-related Requests and send Email Confirmation