Tools-Manage Data Integration

Moving data into and out of Enrollment Manager is handled through the system's import and export processes and can be managed by the client and/or their assigned Enrollment Operations Manager.


Enrollment Manager's import utility allows users to import data from standard sources such as testing services, online application providers and third-party data providers, either through specific import formats (SAT, ACT, Common App) or via the Standard Import. The latter also allows for imported data from other common sources, such as campus systems.

Enrollment Manager Web Services can be used to import data programmatically using standard web service/SOAP protocols.


The Enrollment Manager Standard Export process runs daily and does the following:

  • Exports the Standard Person Opportunity Export -- a comma-separate (csv) file -- that consists of a limited set of data on any record with an active opportunity for current active terms


  • places the zipped, exported file in a FTP folder for download. 

The exported records can be used for integration, archiving and/or reporting. Because it is standard for all clients, no customization is available. If clients do need more data, less data or a different set of data elements than what is included in the Standard Export file, they are encouraged to use the Advanced Export. The Advanced Export allows clients' to maintain a local copy of Enrollment Manager data in a relational database. The local database is updated nightly to include changes from Enrollment Manager.

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  • Be able to submit an import file in the Standard Import format using the Import Upload Utility.
  • Understand the matching and import options for imports.
  • Understand the default settings for imports.
  • Be ready to submit an ACT file.
  • Be ready to submit a SAT file.
  • Basic understanding of how duplicate records are managed in Enrollment Manager.
 Reading Assignment:
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  • Prepare an import file with 10 records in the Standard Person Opportunity Import format including data that you might want included in a future import. 
  • Determine your default setting for each import:
    • Matching methods
    • Import overwrite setting
    • Default values for entry term and status
  • Complete the lookup mappings for the ACT import.
  • Complete the lookup mappings for the SAT import.