Tools-Manage Communications


Meet your incoming students, no matter where they are, over the phone, through snail mail, by email and via a range of social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Enrollment Manager offers integrated, multi-channel communication capabilities that support you from student search through yield enhancement.


  • Create and save Advanced Finds
  • Create and populate an Outreach List
  • Create a mail merge file
  • Create and send an email message to a group
  • Create a Quick Campaign

Reading Assignments:


  • Create an Outreach List. Give the list a Name and Activity Posting and save (but do not close). 
  • Add Members to the Outreach List using Advanced Find, then Remove Members from the Outreach List using Advanced Find.
  • Do an export for a standard Mail Merge, then an extended Mail Merge. Save each export locally. Open and compare the two files.
  • Create a second Outreach List and populate using Person records with email addresses for you and other staff members.
  • Create a Mailing Template.
  • Create a Mailing. Send a test message to your email address, then send the Mailing to the Outreach List with the staff member emails.
  • Create an Advanced Find on the Person entity. Use these Advanced Find results to create a Quick Campaign for phone calls, assigning each to you. Find and open the campaign in the Quick Campaigns area.
  • Save the phone calls from your Quick Campaign as completed, either by opening them in the campaign itself, or by viewing them on the list of your Activities in Workplace.
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