Tools-Manage Applications

Within each Opportunity, Enrollment Manager tracks application requirements.  As part of the process, the system tracks the date and time each requirement was completed, indicates which items are still missing, and -- once all items are received -- automatically completes the application and updates the Opportunity Status Value.


  • Define Application Requirements based on Application Type
  • Manually enter an Application and create related Activities
  • View and waive Application Requirements
  • Identify Missing Items and view in the Student Gateway 

Reading Assignments:


  • Complete the Application Requirements Worksheet (attached to the wiki page for Creation and Completion of Opportunity Requirements) and submit to Once you've received confirmation these requirements have been added to the environment for your institution, you can complete the rest of this section. Only one worksheet per institution should be submitted.
  • Enter a new Application by creating and saving a new Person record and related Opportunity record. On the Person record, create a new Person Organization and enter the details. On the Opportunity record, select an Application Type and enter related Application information.
  • Go to the Requirements area. Note the Requirements that are listed based on the Application Type you previously selected.
  • Create a few Application-related Activities on the Opportunity record you have just created. These Activities should correspond to the Requirements needed. They will be something similar to:  'Application Received', 'Application Fee' , 'Essay received' etc. Save each Activity as Completed. Save the Opportunity (but do not close).
  • Go to the Requirements area. Note the requirements that have been completed based on the Activities you entered as complete.
  • Waive one of the incomplete Application Requirements by opening the requirement and selecting the 'Yes' radial by 'Waived' . Save and close the requirement. Save the Opportunity (but do not close).
  • In the Opportunity, go to the Administration tab in the Information area. View the Missing Items box.
  • Within Enrollment Manager, go to Admin and Public Links. Find the link to the Student Gateway. Note: If you are not an Admin, ask the Admin(s) for your institution to provide this link to you.
  • Go to the Person record for the Opportunity. Find the Student Gateway Username and Password on the Administration Tab. Type these into the Student Gateway to view the Missing Items.