Tools-Getting Started


  • Understand the general Enrollment Manager navigation
  • Create a Person, Opportunity and Organization record
  • Search for a Person, Opportunity and Organization
  • Create Activities and View Activity History

Reading Assignments and Tasks:


Read: Navigation
Tasks: Log in to Enrollment Manager and find the areas for Persons, Opportunities and Organizations


Read: Person Records
View: Adding a Person Record
Task: Create a  New Person record. Your record should include Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Email, Gender, Birthdate, and Ethnicity.
Read: Person Organizations
View: Adding a Person Organization Record
Task: Add a Person Organization to the record
Read: Scores
View: Adding a Test Score Record
Task: Add a Test Score to the record


Read: Opportunities
View: Adding an Opportunity Record
Task: Create an Opportunity to the Person record you created above. Your record should include, Entry Term, Opportunity Type, Opportunity Status, Application Type and Major.

Read: Interests
Task: Add Interests to the Opportunity record.

Simple Searching

Read: Finding Persons, Opportunities, etc. 
Task: Go to the Person area and find the Person you created previously by typing their first and last name in the Search box. Repeat for Opportunity and Organization.

Activities and Activity History 

Read: Activities 
Task: Create and Save five Activities related to the Opportunity you've created above. View your results in the Activities area of the Opportunity.
Task: From the Activities area, re-open each Activity and Save it as completed. View the results in the History area of the Opportunity.