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Generate Applications

This campaign is designed to generate applications through a targeted series of letters, email, and social network posts.

Online Quick App Form

This form is designed to make it easy for the student to complete and submit an online application. The form collects information that will all feed directly to Enrollment Manager. The goal of the application is to remain brief and easy. In combination with the email campaigns, the form will be pre-fill Person data including name, address, and other biodemographic data.

Launch Message

The Launch Email message encourages the student with a large Call To Action directing the student to the Quick App Form. This includes a 'loaded' link, pre-filling the form with basic information.

Follow Up Message 1

The follow up message is designed as a reminder to students that did not respond to the Launch Message. This message provides additional encouragement and a large Call to Action.

Follow Up Message 2

The last follow up message is designed to remind any students that did not respond to the first two messages.

Follow Up to Incomplete Applicants

This message is sent one week after the Launch Message to all students that started their Quick App but didn't submit the application.