Choosing a college isn't one big, independent decision, it's the culmination of many smaller ones. It's the natural outcome of an ongoing, interactive relationship between a school and each prospect. Can you make that happen?

Enrollment Manager Campaigns help you guide prospective students through those small decisions while strengthening your ties to them along the way. You get pre-built, multi-channel communication and outreach tactics designed to support the interactive relationships you need to build and maintain across the entire enrollment pipeline - from student search through yield enhancement.

 Engage Prospects

Imagine a student search campaign that includes built-in content ready to be posted to Twitter or shared through Facebook. Link recipients to web pages, pre-filled inquiry forms or a YouTube channel focused on your school. Track web traffic and social media buzz created by the campaign. Manage prospect follow-up through Enrollment Manager's integrated direct mail fulfillment service.

Generate Applications

Grow your applicant pool through a multi-channel campaign that's built around easy application forms. These pre-filled forms are made available through your website, where applicants can also go to monitor their status through a secure web gateway that tells them what's happening along the way.

Maximize Yield

Make your case (again) to admitted students through tele-recruiting campaigns supported by social media posts from current students. Post knowledge-based content that answers all the last minute 'what about?' questions. Schedule yield receptions in key locations. And then make it easy to pay tuition deposits online via credit card.

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