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Dashboard and Descriptive Analytics

Before you start: 
Prior to completing Reading Assignments and Tasks for the Analytics, an Enrollment Manager Administrator or other key contact must complete the steps outlined below. As well, it is generally recommended that clients complete the reading and tasks after they have been live in the system for some time. In the event your institution is converting historical data, you can opt to complete the exercises earlier, however, if you are not entering or changing much information on the current records your Analytics will reflect this limited data.

  • Complete customization of the domain values in Enrollment Manager. While customizing the standard set of domain values is not a requirement, if you do plan to customize domain values, it is best to do so prior to using Analytics.
  • Complete the Analytics Setup Worksheet and return it to your Enrollment Coordinator.
  • Import legacy data into Enrollment Manager or begin manual data entry -- Analytics reports will remain empty until your Enrollment Manager database is populated with person/opportunity records.
Reading Assignments: