Unlike old-style enterprise software implementations, which focus on the detailed mechanics of the software product itself, an Enrollment Manager transition is instead driven by your business needs. Our goal is to help you and your team get the most value out of Enrollment Manager--as soon as possible--by prioritizing the capabilities of platform that most directly match your business needs at the time of the transition. From there, the timing and pace of the transition will be guided by the availability of your team and the objectives you want to address. 
The key to successful adoption and use of Enrollment Manager is actually using it as quickly as possible. Since the "software part" of Enrollment Manager is pre-installed and available to you when you begin the implementation process, the transition plan is really about making you productive--at a pace that makes sense for you.
There’s no need for the members of your team to become a software experts; Enrollment Manager is pre-configured to handle most of the business processes required to support your recruitment and admission operation. As a result, your time can be directed to aligning the capabilities of Enrollment Manager with your business processes or, in some cases, altering those processes to take advantage of "new and improved" capabilities.
Unlike a traditional software implementation, the Enrollment Manager transition:
    1. Removes the technical process of installing and setting up software. When you log-in the system is ready for action.
    2. Provides the peace of mind that comes with our staff monitoring and managing all of the technology in the cloud. You get to focus on driving the car.
    3. Breaks the pattern of fire hose learning. You know how that works: let’s push 2500 pages of technical documentation into in five days and then see how much you will remember.
    4. Allows you to learn the essentials upfront. Think of it like learning how to get things done in Microsoft Office. With a little basic knowledge and very little time, you can use Microsoft Word or Excel or Outlook to get things done. You may or may not – depending on your needs and interest – learn more about complex functions down the road. But you definitely don’t buy the biggest and most technical book at Amazon and wait to create your first document or spreadsheet until you’ve read it from front to back.
    5. Breeds confidence (and confidence breeds success). Getting in and getting things done quickly tackles two huge problems in a software installation:
      1. Stress builds because real work is on hold.
      2. Everyone’s afraid of the new system because they’re staring at 2500 pages of technical documentation without actually seeing their work get done.
Massive implementation processes are the old way (and we know the old way – we’ve been in this business for 30 years!). With familiar modern software interfaces Enrollment Manager is just not that hard. What’s hard is bringing in your class. So let’s both be successful by making that happen.
The menu to the left links you to documentation and training resources that can guide your transition to Enrollment Manager. There are also two key documents listed below that provide an overview of the transition process and one of the key components of this process: the conversion of your prospect data. With guidance from your Enrollment Operations Manager, you can begin to familiarize yourself with all of this information and start sharing it (in small doses) with other members of your team who will be involved in the transition.