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Scores are a type of record associated with a Person. A Person can have multiple score records. Scores that are imported from a testing service attempt match on the Person first. Then the import process creates a score record associated to that Person and also creates an Opportunity for that Person if needed. ACT/SAT scores that are added from an official source, such as a testing service, will also create an "Official Score Received" Activity attached to Person record. Scores can be added manually as needed.
As of 11/26/2013 there were changes made to the Scores area to accommodate both alpha- and numeric- characters. Please see the information at the bottom of this page for details on what changes were made.

How to Manually Add a Score

Scores are linked to a Person. A Person must be created and saved prior to adding scores.
  • Open the Person record.
  • In the left-hand Navigation Pane under the Details heading, select Scores.
  • Select "New Score" above the grid.
  • Select a Test Name by highlighting it in the drop down. You will add sub-scores after you save the parent test. If needed, free-form text notes can be added in the Notes tab.
  • Enter the Test Date (required), Score (required), and Score Source (required).
  • If this is a test with no subscores, select Save and Close. Otherwise, for tests with subscores, select Save.
  • To add a subscore for a test, Add the subscore name and score in the Add Subscore section and click the Save icon to the right.

A Subscore can also be added to the Parent Score record form using the Subscore sub grid

  • When a Subscore is added and the User saves the record, the Subscore created and displayed in the subgrid
  • The Person, Test Date, and Source will be copied to the Subscore from the Parent Score
  • The add subscore fields will be set to null after saving a subscore
A video tutorial is also available to demonstrate this process.
Enrollment Manager has a process that will calculate and display a High Score for a student. See the High Score Calculation article under "Processes" for more information.
Update: As of 11/26/13, the Scores area of Enrollment Manager has been modified. Scores can now be imported or entered in an Alphanumeric format. To accommodate this change, there are now two fields on the Score record, one visible to the User and one hidden.
The visible field allows for both letters and numbers to be entered (‘100’, ‘A’, ‘B100’ are all acceptable). If this field is saved with only a numeric value, the value will be copied to the hidden field, which only allows numbers.
The hidden field 
  • is used to maintain the ability to query against a number field using the critieria of ‘Greater Than’ and ‘Less Than’
  • used the value in the field to do other calculations.
The changes also mean that there are two separate fields that can be accessed through Advanced Find. These fields are labeled Score Text (Alphanumeric) and Score Numeric (Numeric).
Currently, Imports are still importing to the numeric field. These scores are then copied over to the alphanumeric field by an automated process.