Connections FAQ

Note: Beginning with the May 2013 release, Relationships in Enrollment Manager are being replaced by Connections. More information about this is available under Connections

This FAQ is designed to assist users as they migrate from using Relationships to using Connections.  

Q: Why are we no longer using Relationships?
A: Microsoft has ceased development and support for the Relationships entity and will remove it from future versions. Instead, the Connections entity was created to better support relationships between any two entities in the system. While it will mostly be used for connecting two Person records, Connections allow any two records to connect. This will allow interesting functionality in the future.

Q: Will Relationships currently in my system go away?
A: No. The menu item for Relationships will go away but the data you've created will be migrated for you to Connections. Once this migration is complete, all of your existing Relationships will be visible in the Connections entity. 

Q: Do I need to change my imports? 
A: No. The Standard Import and other imports that use Relationship data will continue to work as they do today with no changes to the data layout or field names. Instead of creating Relationships, the import will create Connections.

Q: Will the Standard Export or Advanced Export change in any way?
A: No. If you currently use the Standard or Advanced Export, those will continue to work as they do today with no changes to the data layout or field names. 

Q: When will all of this happen?
A: The update to Connections will be included in the Product Update scheduled for May 11, 2013. The conversion of data from Relationships to Connections will happen at the same time. 

Q: What if I have custom Relationship Roles?
A: If you have Relationship Roles that are different from our standard roles, those will be migrated to Connection Roles. 

Q: I have Reports and/or Advanced Finds that use Relationships. Will those still work?
A: No, not without some editing. If you currently use Relationships in any of your Advanced Finds or Reports, those will need to be updated to use Connections instead. Contact Support if you need assistance with this.

Q: Will we need any special training to use Connections?
A: No. If you can create a Relationship, you'll have no problem creating a Connection. In fact, it's even easier because you only need to create one Role-- showing how the Student is related to the other Person (i.e. Child). The reciprocal role (i.e. Parent) is created automatically  for the other Person.

Q: Do I need to do anything else to get ready for this change?
A: Absolutely nothing. Users will see very little difference in the interface. In fact, creating Connections is even easier than Relationships.