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Note: Beginning with the May 2013 release, Relationships in Enrollment Manager are being replaced by Connections. More information about this is available in the Connections FAQ

Use this entity to establish links between a person record and other persons or organizations.

Which type of Connection to use?

Enrollment Manager allows entities to be cross-referenced using Connections. When trying to decide where and how to capture connections between entities, please keep in mind the following:
  • The most common use of the Connections entity accessible from the Person form is to connect records for parents, siblings, mentors, etc. to a student record. However, you may also create a connection between a person and a non-academic organization, such as a professional affiliation.
  • Relationships between a student and a school that student has attended or is attending (high school or college) should be captured using the Person Organization entity.
  • Person or organization connections that are specific to an opportunity should be created as Connections connected to the opportunity record.

Associate another person or organization with a person record:

  • With a person record open, select Connections from the navigation pane and click Connect and then either To Another or To Me.
    • To Another will allow you to select another Person record to connect with
    • To Me will create a connection to your User record. Note that this is DIFFERENT than a Staff Assignment.
  • The As this role field allows you to select the type of relationship between the two Persons
    • For instance, if you're connecting the Student to their Father, select Child.
  • Creating a connection from the student will automatically create the reciprocal role on the other Person. For instance, creating a connection to the Father with a role of Child will show as Parent when you open the Father's record.

Note: Making a related person inactive will not remove a Connection that he or she has with another person.

Remove a Connection

  • Open the person record and from the left hand navigation pane select Connections.
  • In the Connections list, select the relationship that you want to delete, and then click the Delete button.
Note: deleting a relationship record does not delete either of the related entities, only the link between the two entities.
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