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Person Records

Person records include all people, or constituents, in your system. Person records for prospective students (inquiries, applicants, etc.) are linked to an Opportunity record. Other types of constituents do not have an Opportunity associated with them, such as high school counselors or parents. You may choose to store several different types of Person records, such:
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Organization contacts (e.g. high school counselor)
  • Parents
  • Student volunteers

Areas on the Person record (Information View):

The following areas are found on the Person record in the Information View:
  • General - contains basic demographic information and fields for the active address. The active address in the Person record is the address used to mail information to the person.
  • Details - contains basic demographic information such as gender, race, Social Security Number*, religious affiliation, etc. In the Professional Information section, the Primary Organization field can be updated by a system job process to Person's active Person Organization record.
  • External IDs - capture multiple types of external identification numbers. See also Person IDs
  • Preferences - contains information on Staff Assignment for that Person, username and password for the Student Gateway, preferred contact method, Mail, SMS, and Bulk Email unsubscribe information (Allow/Do Not Allow) and outreach information.
  • Notes & Activities Area - stores free form notes about the Person and provides a view of open Person Activities.
* Social Security Number is hidden by default unless the user has the SSN Security Role. 

Notes about Username and PasswordIf these values are included in an import file, they will be added to the person record. If they are not included in the import file, these values will be created automatically during the conversion process using the following methods:

Username: The default username is created by concatenating the first name and last name. Optionally, the client can choose to use the email address as the username. To enable this option, select Username Privacy = Off on the Enrollment Manager Settings Main record in EMP.

Password: The password is created using a random selection of seven alphanumeric characters including any letter or number.

Effective 2/29/2016: characters used for passwords will be limited to:  BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ23456789bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz. (no vowels, Y, y, 0, 1).

Effective 10/26/2015 - Usernames will be generated when a record is created using the default convention of FirstNameLastName. This is a change from the previous method of generating Usernames using the email address. 

Person Summary (Contact View) 

The following areas are view-able from the Person Summary/Contact View. 
  • Contact Information: Includes the most frequently referenced contact information for the Person: Name, Address, Email Job Title, Parent Organization, Home Phone.
  • Activities: Recent Activities related to the Person or Opportunity(ies)
  • Opportunities
  • Scores
  • Person Organization(s)

Person related Entities

The following entities are related to the Person Record. Users can access them by clicking on drop down beside the Person record name, then choosing the specific entity.  
  • More Addresses allows capture of multiple non-active addresses for the Person.
  • Activities and Closed Activities capture past contacts between your institution and Person records and to-do's such as phone calls and emails. Note that most records of past contacts between your institution and a student are attached to the Opportunity record, but some person-specific activities may be attached to the Person record.
  • Relationships create a link between the current person and other persons in the database. For example, a student may have relationship records for one or more parents.
  • Person Organizations connect a person (prospective students only) to all organizations, such as high schools and/or colleges, they may have attended or currently attend.
  • Scores record standardized testing or other numeric values assigned to a student.
  • Opportunities track a student's decision points in the admissions process.

Searching for Person Records

See the page on Searching for Records for information on searching for Person Records. 

To create a new person record:

  • Navigate to the Person area. 
  • Click the New icon in the command bar.
  • Enter information in the Person form.
  • Click Save.
 Note:  If a related person is made inactive, this does not remove the relationship record. To do that, delete the relationship record, or delete the related person record itself (which will remove the relationship between the person and the related person).
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